Friday, March 22, 2013

Tony Moly Floria Flower Energy Foam Cleanser Review

I still have two samples to use from my A-Poly package, and I'm finally getting around to my Tony Moly Floria Flower Energy Foam Cleanser sample. This is one of the products within Tony Moly's Floria skincare line. Like my other Tony Moly cleansing foam sample, this sample is packaged in the shape of the bottle. The backside is written in all Korean, and I'm not sure what it says.
An English description is on the front, saying that Floria's secret ingredient is the key to young and glowing skin.  I can't access the Tony Moly website, but according to YesStyle's website, this product is to clean the face and to make tired skin more lively.  According to other sources, this cleanser contains 14 different flower extracts to improve the skin, making it moist and soft.
This product smells mild, like typical clean soap.  There is no distinct smell.  The consistency is very smooth and a tad runny (like in the top picture), but within a minute it coagulates comparable to the dried up lotion buildup in lotion dispensers (like in the bottom picture).
The instructions on YesStyle say to place the product in your palms and add water to create foam, then massage your face with the cleanser.  Then wash off the foam with lukewarm water.

The Pros
  • A little goes a long way: the amount in the above picture is more than enough for one use.  Also once you add water, the foam is very abundant.
  • The cleanser foams very easily with just a bit of water.
  • I felt no sensation on my face, but maybe that means that it's not working?
  • My face feels and looks clean right afterwards.
The Cons
  • Though my face seems clean, my face doesn't really seem youthful or vibrant.
  • No matter how much I rinsed my face, I kept feeling soapy residue on my face.
  • The smell stays on my hands for awhile, which isn't so pleasant the longer it lingers.
Overall, this is a decent face wash if you want just a basic cleanser. I didn't see any immediate results for youthful, vigilant skin, but maybe if you use it on a regular basis you'll see better results.  I usually write more information in my product review posts, but I couldn't access the Tony Moly website; sorry for the inconvenience.

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