Saturday, March 23, 2013

Montreal: C&C Korean Cosmetics

In Montreal, Canada, I had the pleasure of finding a Korean beauty heaven, known as C&C Korean Cosmetics! There is a flagship-like store in downtown, a small satellite-like store in Chinatown, and an online store. This company carries popular products of popular Korean brands, such as Etude House, Innisfree, Missha, Skin79, Skin Food, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, and much more!
Downtown Location
1837 Sainte Catherine West, Montreal, H3H1M2

Based on the photos I saw of the downtown location, it looks very high end and modern. However, at the Chinatown location, I found all of the products I was looking for, and more that I didn't need to come to this location.

Chinatown Location
Swatow Plaza, 2nd Floor, CRU2-7
998 Blvd. Sainte-Laurent, Montreal, H2Z 9Y9
The Chinatown location is located inside Swatow Plaza, a kind of rundown Chinese mall. Despite its super small size, there are a lot of products inside. I was so thrilled to see majority of the items on my wishlist (practically all the Tony Moly products that are cutely packaged) were in this store.

There was one worker on duty, and she was very friendly, helpful and engaging. My mom was interested in Tony Moly's snail line, so the worker threw in two free samples of that.
I bought a lot of products, mostly from Tony Moly and one from Skin Food. The prices are all very reasonable, much cheaper than Amazon, which would be my only other option of buying these goods. There is also a promotion of which I think is ongoing, where if you purchase $60 or more, you get 20% off, which is a pretty steep discount on top of great prices! The worker gave me the choice of choosing one of three Laneige sample sets (I chose the Basic Water Bank Moisture Kit), and she also gave two Tony Moly Floria Whitening Mask Sheets and the Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Lotion as mentioned before. I'll be sure to review all of these products soon!

If you're in the area, check out their stores! Or check out their website, which ships internationally (I haven't actually ordered online from here, so I don't have a say on the quality of service and shipping through an online order).


  1. C&C Korean Cosmetics is my favourite place to go for BB Cream, Eyelashes and other make-up goodies. The girl in the store told me that their boss imports everything themselves and select the best selling ones from South Korea. That is how they keep the products with the trend and customers are free of any problems. Everytime I go there, they always offer something free to try. Very nice little store and very nice service!!!

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  3. Don't ever purchase from C&C online. They've got such slow service and bad customer service altogether. I sent emails made calls and contacted their Facebook and could barely get a hold of a rep. I recommend Momomango for online purchases instead if you are out of the MTL area but within Canada and US. They process and ship everything fast and the customer service is top notch.

    1. Wow, thanks for the tip! I didn't know much about their online service.

    2. yes, i got nice experience from momomango! they had good customer service but they only sells korean stuff. Another one call also a canadian base onling shopping , they got both korean and japanese stuffs, quick shipping as well.

    3. Thank you, I'll check out that site^^

  4. I got some nice stuff from it was good.. :)