Monday, March 18, 2013

Infinite: Paradise The First Album Special Package Review

Infinite's Paradise is the repackaged version of Infinite's first full length album, Over the Top. It is a beautiful alternative to purchasing Over the Top, which is an album that seems impossible to find online (and probably in stores). I bought this album purely for the goodies inside, so I'll just review that and just a bit about the bonus music tracks. This album has all the songs from Over the Top, as well as "Paradise," "Cover Girl," "Be Mine (Remix)" and a hidden track containing an informal recording of "In the Summer" that has a conversation among the Infinite members at the beginning.

The album contains a photobook that holds the CD in the back, a folded poster, and a randomly selected photocard out of seven different ones, one for each member. These are bound together in a folded cardboard packaging with a paper cover of Infinite on the outside. I wish they had put more effort into creating a more sturdy casing, because my album came with a crease due to its lack of durability.
Here is the backside of the album, which is enclosed by a flap.  It seems a bit fragile, so I'm trying not to open and close the flap too often.  You can see the tracklist of the left and the holographic official seal on the right.
Opening the flap from the backside revealed my mystery photocard, Sung Jong flawlessly gazing at me. Though I wanted Myungsoo, I'm quite happy with getting the maknae, though he doesn't seem like a maknae at all in this photo!
And here is a closeup of each side of the photocard. It's adorable how Sung Jong signs with a star at the end.
Underneath the photocard was my folded poster. The paper quality is very high and thick, to my surprise. This album had three different posters, two of which were very similar to the Paradise album cover and one that was more unique. However, every album contains this unique poster, while the other two can be purchased separately. I love this poster; it looks so elegant and glamorous! Infinite looks stunning in all black and I love the vintage feel. They all look amazing and so mature with their hair gelled up, too! My favorite pose is Sung Gyu's because he looks like a handsome secret agent!
The photobook is beautifully created and organized. Here is the front cover, which is simplistic yet has elegance and a vintage feel due to its color scheme.
The back cover is just as elegant, except it doesn't list the members' names.
Here are the first two pages (sorry to Sung Yeol for cutting him off in the binding)!  The right gives the tracklist.
The beginning of the photobook focuses on each member individually, in all seriousness.  I can't help but laugh every time I see Myungsoo in that backless top!  Though he was embarrassed wearing this top when Sung Gyu revealed Myungsoo wearing it (video can be found on YouTube), Myungsoo still wears it so well in this photo.
The very back of the photobook holds the CD. On the opposite page is Hoya and Sung Jong, looking pretty glamorous. I never paid much attention to Hoya, but boy does he wear pinstripes well, which is so hard to pull off!
Overall, this is my most favorite album ever! The poster, photocard and photobook are so beautiful, and the songs are classy too! I absolutely love Be Mine and Paradise, which have been on repeat on my phone for a few weeks now, and have yet to listen to the other tracks. If you're an Inspirit, you'll definitely love this repackaged album!


  1. Where did you buy the album from? And for how much??

    1. I bought this album directly from Here is the link: I bought it for $17.11, but the price fluctuates from $17-20.

  2. Hello! do you know if there will still be a photocard included if i buy the album now? ^^

    1. Hi! I believe that all Paradise albums should contain one photocard. However, I know people that have received two photocards, and others who have received no photocards. If you buy one, I hope yours will have a photocard!