Friday, March 15, 2013

My Amazon Package! is a very reliable and reputable company, and I have only positive experiences with them.  They sell many items of all sorts, but I never would have thought that Amazon would sell kpop merchandise directly from its own company!  I found a few Infinite albums sold directly through Amazon, or sold through MegaHitRecords but fulfilled by Amazon, but items will still be shipped together and in the usual 5-8 business days.  These items are also eligible for free shipping, if totaled at least $25.  I ordered Paradise (sold directly through Amazon) and Infinitize (sold by MegaHitRecords) on March 7 (at night) and my estimated delivery date is March 13-16.  After my packaged was shipped, they estomated its arrival to be March 15. Usually my Korean orders take 3 weeks, so I'm very excited to have my CDs coming in just 1 week!

The downfall about ordering kpop CDs through Amazon is the lack of information provided on the item.  Both of my Infinite CDs on their webpages are simply entitled "Infinite by Infinite," not the actual title of the album.  The only description is the tracklist.  Honestly I only ordered these CDs for the photo booklets, poster and bonus photo card, but without these in the description I was wary of purchasing them.  I had to rely on the comments, which were very sparse, as well as watch unboxing videos to verify that these albums contained goodies besides the CD itself.  But now that I have received my package, and see the faces Infinite on the booklet, poster and card smiling back at me, I know I can order kpop CDs from Amazon in the future!

My package has arrived, by 12 noon, on the estimated date March 15th!  I have never been so excited for a package.  I have never escalated my obsession for anything as quickly as I have with Infinite, and as my first Infinite merchandise, I'm so excited to see which photo card will come with my Paradise CD!  Here is a sneak peek at my package:
It came in a flat, folded cardboard box.  Overall the package was pretty good, though I'm sad the Paradise album has a bit of a crease on the left.  I'll post my review of these CDs shortly!

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