Monday, April 8, 2013

Bellevue: Seoul Garden Restaurant Review

Going to this restaurant was an impromptu visit, so I apologize for the lack of detail and photos. This restaurant is quite small and is located in the corner of a strip mall, on 304 105th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004. The decor is quite simple, with colorful walls, a TV displaying sports and American music playing in the background (sadly no signs of kpop anywhere). The waitresses are fluent in both Korean and English; in fact their English seems like their native tongue.
The place setting is really adorable.  I love the sanitary slip placed over the spoon!
 Here are the side dishes.  We received three sets of six dishes for 10 people.  From the top left going clockwise, there was seaweed, cucumber, kimchi, jelly-like strips, noodles and bean curd.  Each dish had its own taste to counterbalance each other.

The main dishes were very flavorful.  We ordered a variety of dishes, and each had its unique flavor.  We ordered two tofu soups, one originally spicy and another mild.  Usually when the customer alters the flavor of the dish (like choosing mild instead of the regular spicy) the dish doesn't taste as flavorful, but the mild flavor actually had a lot of flavor!  I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely order mild again.  My favorite was the dduk-bohk-yi, a spicy rice cake appetizer that had me wanting more!

The price was pretty reasonable, especially for the large portions served.  The bill ended up being about $108 for 10 people (six adults) for dinner, which is very decent, especially because everybody was stuffed and we had leftovers.  The service was also very good, despite only three waitresses working.  There were about 5-10 other parties, and the waitresses were prompt to serve everyone quickly.  Overall, I'd definitely come back to get my Korean food fix!

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