Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Kpoptown Package! (Poster)

Despite the agonizing anticipation of my CNBlue CD from my first Kpoptown order, I decided to order from this website again.  I had ordered my Infinite New Challenge CD without a random poster so then I could order a poster separately and choose from the three myself.  I ordered from Kpoptown on April 12th, and the next day they had already shipped my poster!  Finally my poster arrived on the 26th, arriving only 2 weeks since I had placed the order.  I am very satisfied with the shipping this time.  Also the price was reasonable, $4.90 for the poster and $4.90 for shipping.

Here is the package:
My unfolded poster came in a mini poster tube, about 2 feet tall.  The tube is made of hard cardboard, which protected the poster pretty well.  Under the metal caps was a small layer of bubble wrap.

And here is the poster:
I can't stare at this poster too long or else I feel like passing out from fangirling so much!  I absolutely love this poster because it shows the group dynamics of Infinite that the other two posters didn't portray as well.  The entire theme is so fun and carefree, and how the members created an infinity symbol is very cool and the camera angle makes for a new and creative composition. 
Sadly my poster was a bit damaged at the top left.  It was a bit crinkled, and lasted about 5 inches across the top.  Besides that, I'm quite happy about my poster.  It's made of good quality paper.  This poster is also much bigger than my Paradise poster, with dimensions of 77cm by 52cm (roughly 2.53' by 1.71').  You can get a visual idea of its size by comparing the poster to the two Infinite CDs to its sides.

Overall, I can't wait to put this up on my wall!  I'm so happy I decided to purchase the poster separately from the album so I can choose the type myself.  This is definitely my most favorite poster of Infinite (or any poster in general) because of how happy, fun and carefree the members look!

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