Monday, April 22, 2013

Holika Holika Real Lip Butter Review

Holika Holika is a Korean beauty brand that has an enchantingly magical theme.  I decided to purchase one of their lip products that doesn't fall into its main concept but is still fun and refreshing.  I bought Holika's Real Butter Lip Balm for $11.50 (Canadian currency) at Pacific Mall in Markham, Canada.
Holika's lip butter comes in three flavors: milk, strawberry and butter. I'm also drawn to the unique flavors, but butter was a bit too extreme as a beauty product.  I had originally purchased the milk flavor to give to my friend, but loved the scent so much that I decided to keep that and buy the strawberry flavor for her.  This 6 gram lip balm comes in a flat tin with a perforated plastic wrap.  The bottom of the packaging doesn't offer much.
With this image, you can see just how big this balm is relative to my fingers.  You can also see the opening/closing mechanism, which I explain below in the 'Pros' section.  The texture is smooth and the consistency is very thick and hard.  I had to put a lot of pressure while swiping my finger tip on the product to get a thin layer.  Because with several swipes I barely got any product on my finger, and because the color is transparent, it wasn't worth a swatch photo.

  •  I absolutely love the milk flavor!  The scent reminds me of sweet Asian milk candy, which is so unique and definitely not a flavor found in western products.
  • It is very easy to open this tin with just one hand: simply put pressure on the lid and slide it open.  Despite opening it with such ease, it still has a very sturdy closure so you can't easily slide the entire lid off (though you can if you want to turn the lid 180 degrees).  You can see this with the third image.
  • This tin is very small and flat, so it can easily fit anywhere, including tight jean pockets, without looking bulky. 
  • My lips are left feeling smoother and healthier than before.
  • Because this is the type of balm where you scoop the product yourself, you can choose the amount to put on.
  •  The balm is very hard to pick up out of the tin.  It's like using the heat from your finger to melt a frozen chocolate bar.
Overall, my favorite part about this product is the scent.  I love just flicking the lid open and smelling it.  This balm is meant for already healthy, unchapped lips so I wouldn't suggest this product to severally chapped lips.  Because it is kind of hard to scoop out the product, I wouldn't purchase this product again, but I'm not disregarding this product either! 

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  1. I have the butter one and I love it. It has a very light vanilla and sweet butter scent and is very moisturizing.