Monday, April 15, 2013

SkinFood Good Afternoon BB Cream Review

SkinFood has an adorable BB cream line called Good Afternoon BB Cream, with five different tea flavors that target specific needs, though many of these features overlap with one another. All of the creams in this collection have SPF 20 and come in two shades.
Besides its function, this line's packaging is very adorable. One tube of BB cream is placed in a small, foldable, brown paper bag similar to fancy tea bag packaging.
I bought the lightest shade of Honey Black Tea from C&C Korean Cosmetics at a fair price of roughly around $10. According to the back of the package, the Honey Black Tea is meant to moisturize and brighten skin.
Here is a swatch of the lightest shade offered:
This cream smells more like generic sun screen rather than honey black tea.  The product comes out quickly and is a bit runny.  The amount shown is enough for moderate coverage (1-2 layers).  1 layer is very minimal coverage, so just keep layering for your desired amount of coverage.

The directions say to apply the cream in a gentle patting motion, though I prefer rubbing it in a small, circular motion. Either way seems to work just fine.

  • I absolutely love the finish!  This BB cream leaves my skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy.  It doesn't look too matte or dewy or unnatural.
  • (Similar to the first point): My face doesn't feel greasy or gross like other face creams I've tried.
  • This color matches my skin very well.  Because the consistency is so runny, 1 layer is very translucent and can be used by a range of skin tones.
  • The cream dries quickly so layering doesn't take much time.
  • The small size and convenient shape make this cream easy to bring around.
  • The packaging is adorable.
  • The smell is tolerable, but could be more fun and pleasing.
  • 1 layer is still very translucent, so try 2-3 layers.
Overall, I love this BB cream!  Though this is only the second BB cream I've tried, I definitely love its quality and will continue to try this afternoon tea line.  The finish gives my face a polished, naturally healthy glow and stays throughout the day.

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