Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Raspberry Review

On my visit to The Face Shop in Markham, I really wanted to buy something but had no interest in any specific product.  So I decided to buy the cheapest thing: face masks!  I bought three, and today I'll be testing the Real Nature Mask in Raspberry.  What drew me to this particular mask was my love for raspberries and the very appetizing picture on the front. There are various other flavors, including Mung Bean and Pomegranate, which I reviewed here.
The back has information in both Korean and English.
There are unappealing images of how to wear the mask sheet.  The bottom states the date 10/24/2015, which I'm assuming is the expiration date.  The center states that this mask contains extract that was grounded from 1,000mg of fresh raspberries (in bad English).  Underneath it states that this mask is for maintaining healthy and dense skin.
Here is a close up of the bottom half of the backside, which is where the English section is.  The directions say to first clean your face, then place the mask sheet onto your face and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes.  There is a warning for if you have an allergy to adhesive tape or have broken (dry, cracked?) skin, to not use this mask sheet.
Here is the mask sheet after my first use.  You can see the tiny slits around the edges and holes for a more 3D fit.  You can also see the nose flap and the huge mouth hole.

  •  The subtle raspberry aroma is very pleasing and lasts throughout and well after the 20 minutes.
  • Surprisingly the fit of this mask was very tight and perfect, from the nose upward.  The eye hole was just big enough to expose my eyebrows, but on the downside my eyelids weren't covered in the mask.
  • The liquid is very moist, and the mask feels like a gelled up sanitizer wipe.
  •  The mask was very cool and chilling, giving a refreshing and relaxing experience.
  • Afterwards my face was very moist.  I decided to tap the excess for my face to better absorb the liquid.  After this tapping, my face was a bit sticky but not in a gross way.
  •  Because the mask was still so moist after the first usage, I stored it back in the packet to reuse the following evening.  The packet wasn't as cool, more room temperature, but the sheet was still moist and fragrant.  Unfortunately the mask was very loose and fell right off when I sat up, but I was still able to wipe my neck and limbs with the excess liquid.
  •  When I first put the sheet on, there was so much liquid absorbed into the sheet that it was very suffocating around my nose.
  • Like many mask sheets, this one is a bit loose from the nose downward.  The mouth hole is twice as big as my mouth, so half of my chin was exposed.
Overall, I loved this mask.  It feels so refreshing, relaxing and destressing for my face.  My most favorite part is the light raspberry fragrance, which adds an extra pleasing touch to the mask's freshness.  I also love how much liquid is compacted and absorbed into the packet, so I'm able to reuse this mask and then wipe my neck and limbs for extra freshness all over my body.

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