Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tony Moly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream Review

Tony Moly is known for its adorable, realistic beauty products.  This cute hand cream is no exception!  According to online descriptions, the Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream contains peach and apricot extracts and other vitamins and ingredients to improve wrinkles and aging.  The result is supposed to be smoother, softer and whiter hands.
This peach is about life size, fitting in the palm of my hand.  The packaging itself is very similar to its nature counterpart.  The finish is matte, mimicking peach fuzz.  The color gradient, from cream to peachy pink from bottom to top, is also like a peach seen in Asian culture (red envelopes, cartoons, etc.).
The top half of the peach twists off, revealing a flat, white lid.  Surprisingly the lid doesn't have 'Tony Moly' imprinted, but instead is just a flushed lid.  This is to prevent the cream from spilling if the product weren't placed upright.
The color is white, from seen inside the peach, there is a slight, pale pink hue.  The texture is very rich, creamy and smooth.  This hand cream is definitely very moisturizing for even the driest, chapped hands, making my hands feel very smooth and soft despite previously being dry and rough.

  • The packaging is too adorable!
  • 30 grams is a lot for using just on the hands, so this can go a long way.
  • The peach and apricot scent is very strong and lovely.  I smelled it right after I opened the lid, it's so intense!  Also with my hands typing, I can still smell the cream.
  • This cream has been ranked as my go-to cream for when my hands are super dry and seeking moisture.  I'm amazed at just how healthy, smooth and soft (not to mention yummy-smelling!) my hands are right now.
  • Maybe if you're sensitive to fragrance, then this product could be a problem.  But I see nothing wrong with this hand cream!
Overall, I love this product.  It is definitely another win for Tony Moly!  The sugary fruit scent reminds me of peach gummy rings, which is pleasing.  I didn't actually know that this product is supposed to whiten your hands until I read up on it, so I really hope the cream does just this.  This cream already moisturizes my hands to perfection, so if it whitens as well, I'd be a super happy camper!

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