Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Infinite: BTD Single (Normal) Review

As I had previously mentioned in my BTD Type A post, Infinite's first Japanese single, BTD, was released in three first press editions. I also reviewed Type B here. Here I'll cover the BTD Normal Edition.
I ordered this new album for under $19 from TOKYO LINE, an individual seller based in Japan through My package was shipped the following day and arrived safely in eight days! My CD came inside a paper envelope lined with a layer of bubble wrap. 
And here is the album! This single comes in a typical CD case. Lying on the side is information in Japanese. The side of the CD case itself, without this slip of card stock, also reveals the black patterned siding. The album cover is the booklet cover as well. This image shows Infinite looking stern and tough in their sleek white and metallic, crocodile-textured suits. I never noticed Dongwoo's belly button is exposed! The background is a continuation of the crocodile pattern.
Type A has a white theme while Type B has a black theme, yet this normal edition incorporates both color schemes. The left siding is black while the right is white, which adds a unique touch.
The backside of the CD continues the pattern. It also has the tracklist, which includes the Japanese, original and instrumental versions of "BTD" and the original remake (meaning the Korean version) of "Can You Smile." The backside also shows the silhouette of the group image, as well as typical CD information, including the release date of the album (November 19, 2011). The backside of the card stock slip also has the same information, and it also includes the typical "Infinite's 99.9% synchronization."
The back of the booklet, which can be viewed at the top left, is the same pattern with the white Infinite logo intruding. The CD itself has a different design from the CD in Type A. The design underneath the disc is interesting as well, further showcasing Infinite's most used era logo.
This booklet is only six pages long. The first two pages contain the tracklist, another group photo and the Japanese lyrics to "BTD." The following two pages contain the Korean and Japanese lyrics to "Can You Smile." The last two pages have the Korean lyrics to "BTD," credits and Infinite in their black suits!
All normal editions of BTD should come with this same group photocard. This image is the same as the album cover, except this card also has the reflective shadows. Because I already have Type A, I bought this album solely for the group photocard. Lately I've been really obsessed with collecting photocards and Infinite rarely has OT7 cards, so this was a must! The backside is the same as all other BTD photocards, listing the members' names.

Overall, despite being like a typical CD and not like a lavish Kpop or Jpop album, it is still very nice! While these songs can be found on other Infinite albums, the group photocard was the selling point for me. The image on the photocard isn't in BTD Type A (only a cropped version of this photo), and also for that, I'm glad I got this album.


  1. I'm surprised that BTD normal ver still has group postcard, I thought it's only for the first press. Thanks for the reviewing :)

    1. I think BTD normal only had first press, they're just easier to find than ver A or B. I'm so happy it still comes with the group card :) Btw it's a photocard, so same size as the other photocards from ver A and B