Thursday, January 2, 2014

BtoB: Press Play 2nd Mini Album Review

BtoB released their second mini album, Press Play, in September 2012.  This album has, by far, the most unique and spectacular packaging I've ever seen.
The album has a matte finish with a glossy diamond pattern, which can be seen in the lighting.  I really love this cover design.  "WOW," the main track, is repeating horizontally and creates an elegant pattern.
Here's the back cover, which also has that diamond pattern.  The tracklist and authentication seal are also displayed.
When you open the front cover, the photobook is inside a sleeve that's attached at the spine. The tracklist is revealed on the backside of this flap. Now here is the mind blowing part of this packaging. When you flip over the photobook flap, it reveals an origami-like fold that gets bigger as you open the album wider.
Here is a close up of the CD holder.  For this album, they seriously thought outside the box the two dimensional box.  I didn't know the album was like this when I bought it, so opening this was such a pleasant surprise!
The photobook has 62 pages of high quality photos.  I don't know how to describe this concept, but I like it! This cover is also the album artwork.  I really like how they divided the group into two, yet the image still looks cohesive.
Majority are individual shots, with just a couple of group photos.  Each member also wrote a long "thanks to..."  It makes me so happy seeing Peniel's written partly in English!  I strangely feel so much more attached to him because he's from the US.  Two pages are dedicated to the credits and lyrics for each song.  I love the formatting of the text in this photobook; the "thanks to..." messages and lyrics are all diagonal, matching the album cover.  Throughout the photobook and the album, there are subtle touches, like the repetitive triangles, that signal "press play."  I absolutely love how this concept plays throughout the album!
The album also includes a random photocard. I'm not completely sure, but I think there are a total of 14 different photocards, designating two photos per member.  The backside has a printed autograph and message.  My album came with Minhyuk and I traded it for Peniel!
Here is a close up of the tracklist printed on the back of the album and below are my thoughts on each track.
  1. "Press Play" features labelmate G.NA and is really catchy. As the first track, it ties the "press play" concept really well. I'm so addicted to Eunkwang's falsetto! Also G.NA's voice balances really well with the guys' vocals.
  2. "WOW" is the main track of this album. The first few seconds already make this song seem intense, like watching an IMAX movie. The entire track is just really fun and makes me want to dance!
  3. "I Only Know Love" is another promoted track, and it is so catchy!  This song is another fast and fun song with a memorable chorus.
  4. "U & I" starts off with an English monologue by Peniel.  It's a slow and ballady song that showcases the boys' soothing voices.
  5. "Stand Up" begins with what sounds like auto tuned vocals, along with Peniel's English.  This song has so many components; it's slow but by the time the chorus hits, it's like dance music.  
  6. "My Girl" is the final track of this album.  It is slower, but not really a ballad. This song is a nice balance compared to all the more upbeat tracks.
My album purchase also came with its accompanying poster.  (Please ignore the other posters underneath...) Like the album, this poster is very nice and high quality!  While the backside is glossy like typical posters, the front has a matte finish.  The words and the four set of  "press play" arrows are all layered in a thick gloss finish, adding even more detail to the poster.  And of course BtoB is gorgeous too.

Overall, I cannot get over the packaging.  That origami fold is just so cool!  Also the photobook is very nice and high quality.  Lastly, I love all the songs!  Press Play definitely has a special place in my heart within my Kpop collection.


  1. Hey beside this album, can you recomend me another album with great packaging? Thx before..

  2. Hey can you recomend me great album packaging beside this? :)
    Thx before

    1. This album is my most favorite by far! But another album with great packaging is Akdong Musician's first album, Play, because one of the pages has a pop-up of the siblings! It's really cool.

    2. Okay thank you so much for your help!! Recently I'm dying to buy kpop album with great packaging so I need some reference, thx ^^

    3. No problem~ Which ever album you get, I hope you enjoy its packaging!