Wednesday, January 29, 2014

History: Just Now 1st Mini Album Review

History is a five member group under Loen Entertainment that debuted in April 2013 with the release on single "Dreamer." They followed up with the release of two mini albums, one in August and another in November. Here I'll cover History's first mini album, Just Now.
The album cover is quite simple, with individual photos of each of the five members.
The back cover has History's hexagonal logo, seal and the tracklist. Here are my two cents on the songs:
  1. "Tell Me Love" is the main track of the album. I really like this song; there are so many contrasting elements that I just can't place the genre. It starts off like a fun pop song, but goes techno, then becomes a pop ballad, and repeats again. Overall it gives such fun, uplifting energy.
  2. "Blind" has that crazy contrasting genre concept as well. It begins very fast paced, but juggles between a pop ballad.
  3. "Ma Red Night" is another fun pop number. The instrumentals are very addicting!
  4. "Why not" is the slowest song on the album, yet it's still just as upbeat, just a bit more mellow.
  5. "Tell Me Love (Inst.)" is the last track. Instrumental versions are always fillers and I tend to skip instrumentals, but it's still nice to include an extra track.
The disc is placed in a plastic container on the right while the photobook is on the left. The photobook has 30 pages. Two pages are dedicated to each member's profile, listing their name and position. Following are two more pages of photos for each member. There's a gold accent throughout the photobook, creating a glamorous touch.
The remaining pages are the lyrics and song credits, printed on metallic gold paper. I really like looking at the song credits: I'm surprised that despite being rookies, the members of History participated in creating these songs! The last few pages include three group photos and staff credits.

Overall, I really like the album and songs! This was my first encounter with History, and they definitely left a positive impression on me. While I don't consider myself a Storia (History's fandom), I'll definitely stay in touch with their comebacks!

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