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Infinite: BTD Single (Type A) Review

Infinite debuted in Japan in 2011, releasing three versions of their first Japanese single, BTD, in three versions. All three versions only sold the first press release, so they're hard to find now. There are two limited editions: Type A, which includes a photobook, and Type B, reviewed here, which includes DVD footage. Both of these versions include a random member photocard out of seven. There is also the regular edition, reviewed here, which is a typical CD in one of those square, plastic cases, and includes a booklet and a group photocard.  Here I'll review Type A.
I ordered this album from SOTJAPAN, an individual seller on Amazon based in Japan. My package was lost, but with prompt service from this seller, they sent me a new one with a tracking number. They packaged the album with a tight layer of bubblewrap, placed inside a tight cardboard envelope. Though this is a rare album, I managed to find a new one for under $19 with included shipping! I'm so happy for this deal, especially because Japanese albums tend to be more expensive than Korean ones.
The album comes in a tight factory seal.  It's so tight that it bent the back of the album, so now it's a bit curved. After taking off the seal, it's still quite curved (since it's been wrapped since its release in November 2011), but decent.
Here is the album! It's the same dimensions as most of Infinite's other albums. Quality-wise, it's comparable to Infinite's Inspirit single, with a very thin cardboard cover. The members are dressed in white suits, which matches Type A's white concept. Type B has a black color scheme.
The bottom has a slip with lots of information in Japanese. Infinite's Japanese products always state their 99.9% synchronization, and the front of this slip also states that Type A comes with a CD and booklet, the price and Infinite's promotional event for the album. The background of the front is a continuation of the album cover; you can faintly see Myungsoo and Hoya's alligator print suits. The backside has Infinite's official websites and the date of this album's release: November 19, 2011. The background is Infinite's most famous logo, along with the alligator print. This slip wasn't a smart design because it isn't attached to the album itself, it's just a piece of paper at the bottom of the album.
Here are the front and back of the album.
And here is a close up of the back cover. The top photo is of the tracklist. Included are "BTD" (Japanese, Original and Instrumental versions) and "Can You Smile" (Original Remake). I'm surprised that the paired "Can You Smile" with such an intense and dark song. The bottom has the same information as on the slip.
Inside, the CD is on the left. I really like the design of the CD; the logo is so gorgeous! It's very creative how one half of the infinity symbol loops around the center of the disc. Underneath the disc is a continuation of the alligator pattern. On the right, there is a sturdy box-like structure that snugly holds the paper contents. This includes a photocard, an event ticket and the booklet.
Here is the photocard! I got Sunggyu's, which I'm so happy about. Both Type A and Type B contain the same set of seven photocards, which is from the white photoshoot. On a side note, the regular edition typically contains a white group photocard while purchasing the regular edition from, I believe, the "Be Mine" promotional event came with a black group photocard.
The album also came with an entry to Infinite's "BTD" promotional event, which was set for just a few days after the album's initial release.
And lastly, here's the 40 page booklet. The pages are all pretty flimsy, and the white cover makes it look like an assembly manual. And the back is such a teaser, showing the boys from the neck down!
This teaser continues, showing just the bottom half of their faces.
The bulk of this photobook is the member profile. Four pages are dedicated to each member, display their name, birthdate, height, position and printed autograph. Because Sunggyu looks even more dashing than usual, here are his pages. To me, I think this is one of his best eras.
There are also two white group photos and one black group photo. In the back there are Japanese and Korean lyrics for "BTD" and "Can You Smile," as well as the credits.

Overall, I love this album! I was a bit weary about the era at first, because Infinite really looks...different and peculiar than their normal selves, if that makes sense. Now, I'm so happy to own such a gorgeous album.

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