Sunday, January 19, 2014

SkinFood Chlorella Peeling Gel Review

One of SkinFood's classic products is the Chlorella Peeling Gel. A peeling gel is a face wash that exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin and unclog pores. I'm not really sure how this differentiates from other face washes. The description on the back states that this gel gives soft and smooth skin by removing dead skin and cleaning pores. SkinFood's website also states that this gel helps to remove blackheads.
The backside states to "gently massage over dry face." To really feel the product working at my skin, I like to use a lot of pressure to really get at my pores. It does sting a bit by using more pressure.
This gel has a translucent, pale green, watery consistency that has a light and refreshing fragrance. Once the gel has been activated by putting pressure on it, it becomes solid, pale green scraps. I usually put this amount on my fingertips, add a touch of water to make the consistency more pasty, and then vigorously scrub my face. This amount will only cover a fraction of my face.

  • This gel is a great exfoliating scrub, so I guess it does its job well. I feel my acne stinging, meaning that this gel must be working well.
  • I usually use this wash at the end of the day, and this product removes the oil well.
  • The product is cool and refreshing to the touch.
  • It washes off very easily, cutting down on my nighttime routine.
  • This dries out my skin in certain areas, so it's good for those with greasy skin.
  • A lot of the solidified gel scraps remain in my hair. They look like when someone wipes their tears with a tissue, and the tissue scraps remain around your eyes.
  • This gel may sting those with sensitive skin.
  • You need to use a lot of product in order to fully and thoroughly clean your face.
  • I'm such a sucker for cute packaging, and this product does not cut it. It is a very plain and dull tube with a printed label stuck on.
Overall, I see no spectacular factor that makes this face wash better or unique compared to others. While I will continue to use this scrub for days when my face is more grimy, I'll probably want to try a different face wash next time. I'd rather save the money for a product with cuter packaging, which is my number one factor!

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