Saturday, January 18, 2014

SkinFood Hop Beer Hair Wash Review

SkinFood is known for using healthy natural foods as the main ingredients of their products. This shampoo is no different! The Hop Beer Hair Wash is part of SkinFood's beer cleansing line and contains 240 milliliters of product in the pump dispenser bottle.
I love that SkinFood has several branches in California, expanding to the American market and therefore adding English to their products' labels. Along with Korean, in English the label states that this shampoo contains beer extract, cognac oil and herb extracts. This product is supposed to cleanse and nourish the scalp (basically what any shampoo should do). SkinFood's website also adds that this shampoo adds nutrition to damaged hair.
The consistency of this translucent brown shampoo is smooth and a bit runny, but still gel-like. One full pump, which is the amount shown above, is plenty even for my massively thick hair. I usually first shampoo and rinse with dandruff shampoo, then I use this SkinFood shampoo. When I use this shampoo, I can easily run my fingers through my usually knotty hair, which is amazing. The directions say to use one spoonful of this hair wash, mix with a bit of water, massage your scalp and then rinse with water.

  • The shampoo has a strong traditional Chinese herbal shop scent, which is very addicting. It's a very Asian smell, so I'm not sure if others would find it just as pleasant.
  • My hair is honestly super thick and I usually use lots of product, so I'm surprised at just how little I need for this shampoo to work well.
  • Directly after using this shampoo, my hair feels detangled.
  • My hair is left smelling great!
  • So I realized that maybe I should try using this shampoo without first using my dandruff shampoo. I used one pump-ful, and it certainly wasn't enough to cover all my long and thick hair. I'll probably need twice as much product. Because I didn't use enough product, my hair was still a bit tangled. But this doesn't contradict my pro statement-I think this shampoo is just  better if used after another shampoo.
Overall, I really like this shampoo. I never expect much out of shampoos and conditioners from makeup stores, but I'm satisfied with this shampoo. My hair feels clean and does have a nice scent that stays for the time being.

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