Saturday, December 21, 2013

Infinite: Destiny in America Review

Infinite capitalized on their May trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas by creating a boxed set that documents their first time in the States together.  During these eight days, Infinite filmed at various locations, including the back lot of Universal Studios and the Mojave Desert, for their large scale Destiny music video.  In late October, Woollm released a Korean version (which I'm reviewing here), a Taiwanese version and a Japanese version of Infinite Destiny in America Production DVD.
Here's the back of the boxed set.  The translucent dust jacket includes the information of the two discs and has two official seals.
This boxed set includes, in this order, a notebook, photobook and a folder containing stickers and two DVDs. Every part of this collection is very high quality and treasurable. It's also cool how the Infinite logos and words have a metallic white sheen that reflects the light; this same effect is also displayed on the backs of each item.
The backs of these three items all have the same rustic design that showcases this era's Infinite logo.
The notebook is over a quarter of an inch thick and all the pages have a rustic appearance.
The first third of the pages are lined, then there is graph paper with 25 square boxes per one square inch, followed by blank pages in the rustic pattern. All the pages have a smooth and high quality finish, not like a typical notebook in which one would write. Honestly I wish this notebook included photos of Infinite to make it more related.
The photobook has 48 pages of the individual member's photoshoots. Many of these photos appear to be the same ones (or very similar) to the photobook and photocards from the Destiny album, which is disappointing. There are additional photos from these shoots, but they're just too similar.
There are three photos (refer to images above), however, that clearly weren't from the album shoots, but instead for an upcoming photobook. The last two pages are the credits, which are interesting to look at because they list which hotel Infinite stayed at and what car company they used (I'm not being a sasaeng fan, but I'm relating because I use the same chains).
Here is the container for the stickers and discs.
It is a tri-fold container with the stickers in a folder on the left and the discs in the middle and on the right. There are three sheets of stickers; the first includes group shots and the remaining two are individual members' stickers. While all the photos are amazing, Woollim really chose the best photos to print as stickers.
The two DVDs are absolutely fantastic! They're for all regions except 2, and include (pretty good) English and Korean subtitles. As printed on the inside cover of the disc container, the first disc is 54 minutes long and contains all three music videos and the teaser for Destiny, along with a segment on creating the music videos. This segment takes a look at all aspects of making the music video, including individual shoots, breaks between takes, technical details and behind the scenes. The second disc has a 46 minute documentary on Infinite's 8 days in America. This segment really documents every detail of Infinite's trip, including scenes from the airport, hotel, shopping, dance practice in the studio and various photoshoots for Infinite's first photobook, IDEA, to be released at the end of December. I absolutely love this disc!  It shows Infinite speaking in English and interacting with the American staff. There are also Americans who talk in detail about each location that Infinite filmed their music video. While three of the eight days were dedicated to filming Destiny, this disc still offers a completely different perspective than the first disc. Also on the 7th day, Myungsoo advertises for the release of his L's Bravo Viewtiful Part 1! He's so adorable to always be advocating for his photo essay books. Lastly, I loved how this segment really showed Infinite as their natural selves, at times even enjoying themselves being tourists, and not as glammed up idols!

Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed with the contents of this boxed set. No Inspirit would dare use the notebook, and there aren't even bonus photos of Infinite inside. The photobook doesn't offer many drastically new photos (except for about three) compared to the photobook and photocards included in the Destiny album. I may be being a bit harsh on this photobook though; now I do see some photos in this book are ones that weren't from the album, but they are still from the same shoot. Because this is a production DVD, this photobook should have a behind-the-scenes concept as well. I am thankful that the one thing I truly cared about, the DVDs, do offer a glimpse at Infinite that wasn't shown elsewhere. In all, I suggest buying this set if you're interested in the idol lives of Infinite working on their upcoming projects and the normal lives of the members being themselves, shopping, being tourists and having fun.

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