Friday, December 13, 2013

Infinite: Over The Top 1st Full Album Review

Never in my life did I expect I'd write this type of post.  I'm not surprised because I'm writing about the ever-so-rare Infinite album any Inspirit would love to have, but because of the outcome of this purchase.  To clear things up, I'll explain my situation.  As a newer Inspirit (it was December of last year I fell in love with Infinite), I missed the initial release of Infinite's first full album, Over The Top, which was released in July 2011.  Cleverly, Woollim only printed about 20,000 copies of this album before offering a repackaged album two months later.  I've been looking on hourly for the past few months, waiting for a good deal to appear on a new copy of Over The Top.  Finally, I spotted a new one on November 22 for $59 plus $3.99 shipping!  Most are listed at $100 or more, so I jumped on this deal.  The price may have been suspiciously cheaper, but my fangirl mind didn't think twice and placed the order.  I ordered from a third party seller from Japan called "music shop."  This seller was new and therefore had no ratings; I noticed this seller also offered a used copy of Over The Top for $44 plus $3.99 shipping, which is also an incredibly good deal.
My purchase shipped the following day and arrived 3 weeks later in a paper envelope with a bubble wrap lining.  When I saw the album inside, I gawked in surprise that I now had an album I only imagined of owning.  It was all so surreal!  And all for good reason why it actually was surreal.
I noticed the top of the wrap was already tearing at the binding, but I only thought that was because this album is two and a half years old and the wrapping turned brittle.  For the next ten minutes I just hugged my wrapped album in awe and didn't dare to open it yet due to the preciousness of having Over The Top unopened.  Then I realized...
WTF this is a NEW, unopened album with no exterior sleeve.  I confirmed with other Inspirits, and all Over The Top albums come with that transparent sleeve with this era's symbol in the center.  How is it possible that a factory sealed album is missing this sleeve?  Then I watched unboxing videos of Over The Top and noticed the wrap is more stretchy and tight, like saran wrap, but mine was a sloppy and loose wrap that looked like it was done at home.
It's one thing to sell a used album, but why claim this album as new and remove the sleeve when the sleeve is honestly worthless (there's no authentication sticker or anything valuable about it) and then go as far as resealing the album?  I am just so frustrated that a company thought they could take advantage of me, cheat me and send me a fraudulent item.  An album that made me incredibly happy has now made me so sad.
I filed a claim against "music shop" and will have to return this album now, and said they'd investigate this company.  It pains me to have my most desired album in my hands, only to know that I'll have to send it back in a few days.  Therefore, I took dozens of photos of every angle and detail of my album, as well as Infinite collection photos including Over The Top, despite it only temporarily being in my ownership. Boy does this album look so gorgeous on my shelf...

I hope someday I'll be able to write an actual review of this spectacular album!

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  1. Hi, i've kinda linked this post to one of our post here just to remind all inspirits about what happened to your purchase. :)