Sunday, January 24, 2016

Infinite: Reality 5th Mini Album (Normal) Review

I had reviewed Infinite's Reality limited edition album back when it was released in July 2015 here. Back then I had decided only to get the limited edition and forego getting the normal edition of the album. However, my friend generously gave me one of her copies of the normal edition! So here I'll be reviewing the normal edition of Reality, but note that this album has already been opened so the extras included in this post weren't the ones that are typically included in the album.
It's been so long since Infinite last released a mini album; I'm so happy to see the normal version of Reality using Infinite's typical mini album format.
The backside uses one of the external poster images and includes the tracklist.
Inside, the photobook is on the left and the CD is on the right. This is the only photo from that photoshoot that is included in the normal version.
Underneath the CD is the album cover art design. I don't know why the plastic tray has lid so far down to the bottom though...I tried sliding it back up since it's attached with glue, but it seemed like I'd crack the plastic.
The photobook includes 46 pages, with one page each for the song lyrics, "thanks to..." and credits. It was really hard seeing if these photos are the same as those in the limited version photobook, so I only compared the first few photos. I found that some photos are included in the limited version, while some are exclusive to the normal version. Like the page on the left is only in the normal version.
I really love this whole theme of Infinite not really having any concept, rather just going out and having fun. These are definitely my most favorite set of photos from this album!
I like how the pages also include the same detailing (page number, album, etc.) as in the limited edition.
While most photos are of just Infinite being themselves, these last few pages are more staged.
Both versions of the album come with one photocard and one date card, both out of seven versions, but my friend graciously gave me the extras she had. For the photocards, she gave me Hoya's and L's! I can't get over Hoya's photocard of how he's just hanging off of a car!
Here is the backside of the photocard.
The date cards were attached to the application cards meant to enter to win a date with the member of that card. My friend got me the full set of date cards without the application portion.
The backside of the date cards look basically the same as that of the photocards. The backside of the other half of the date card, the application card, has the name of the member as well.

Overall, I really do like the normal version of this album, especially that it follows Infinite's other mini album formats and that this version includes photos not in the limited version. It's been quite awhile since this album was released, so I can't wait for Infinite's next comeback~

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