Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kdrama: Mask OST Review

Mask is a melodrama that aired from May to July 2015. I really liked the idea behind the "mask" where everyone conceals their true identity via the "mask" that they wear, or the demeanor that they portray. I must admit that I started watching this drama because of Infinite's Hoya, and I must say his acting was so feels...Hoya...but moving along, Mask is definitely one of my favorite dramas ever because of its complex and suspenseful storyline. I didn't know that they released an OST album of the drama; when I saw this album at the Kpop store Music Plaza in LA Ktown, I had to get it! It was priced at about $25.
This album is very simple and focuses more on its music than on including extravagant memorabilia of the drama. It's just a tad bit smaller and thinner than Infinite's mini albums. The album design is the names of the OST artists.
The back has the same design as the front and lists the tracklists for both CDs. The first disc has 10 tracks while the second disc, which is titled "Theme Song," has 17 tracks. It's cool seeing all of the endorsers at the bottom (lol I'm weird).
The photobooklet is on the left while the two CDs are on the right, embedded in a clear plastic tray.
Most of the pictures in this photobooklet appear to be stills from the drama, except for this first photo which was used as one of the drama's promotional posters.
The photobooklet has 18 pages that are mostly dedicated to the lyrics. Most of the photos are of the two leads, Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon, and a few are of the second leads, Yeon Jung Hoon and Yoo In Young.
One page does include a collage of photos, and it includes one of Soo Ae and Hoya together! I was gambling that there would be more photos of Hoya in this album, but I'm still happy to have it.

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