Saturday, January 16, 2016

Infinite's 2nd World Tour IE Fansite Goods

I ended up getting a LOT of fansite goods at Infinite Effect in Vancouver and in LA, and I've decided they're all way too gorgeous not to share on my blog. I wrote more about the sets I bought and from which fansites in my post about IE in Vancouver here. In IE in LA, I bought the banner/fan sets that I didn't get from Hogam and Honeytree.
Here are all the sets I bought. From the top left clockwise is Spring Rain, Hogam, Honeytree, Summer DW, Miss Cham Cham, and L'aile.
Miss Cham Cham: photobook, 5 photos, 4 photocards, 2 stickers

Summer DW: banner, fan, 4 sticker sheets, 5 photocards, 3 postcards

Spring Rain: 2 fans, DVD (with 6 ~4min compilation clips), photobook, 4 postcards, 5 photocards

Honeytree: banner, fan, 2016 calendar, 2 posters, airport photobook, 9 postcards, 17 photocards, 2 sticker strips,  anti-radiation sticker, 1 sticker

Hogam: "Mask" photobook, "Bad" photobook, fan, poster, 1 sticker strip, 2 stickers, 2 anti-radiation stickers, 33 photocards

L'aile: 7 postcards, "Cunning Single Lady" and "My Lovely Girl" photobook, photobook (2011-2014), fan, banner

My favorite sets are definitely from L'aile and Honeytree because their goods are so high quality. Those L'aile photobooks and the Honeytree Everyday Everynight calendar are so precious. I really wish TurningPoint could have sold her stuff too as she did go to both stops, as well as Monodrama who didn't make the trip. Since there was sadly no official concert merchandise being sold, I'm especially happy that fansites were present with their merchandise.

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