Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kdrama: 너를 사랑한 시간 (The Time We Were Not in Love) OST Review

Just like how I had to watch the drama Mask purely for Infinite's Hoya, I also had to watch the drama The Time We Were Not in Love for Infinite's L. This romantic comedy aired from June to August 2015 and is about two long-time friends who make a bet with each other who will marry first. Because of this drama, I have become such a huge fan of the main actress, Ha Ji Won. Hence, I really wanted this OST album to reminiscence how amazing this drama was (and to see how many photos of Myungsoo there might be; this is definitely my most favorite role of his!).
The album is like a regular DVD case size and is about one inch thick.
The back of the exterior case has the tracklist for both CDs. The first disc contains 12 tracks while the second disc contains 15 tracks.
Here is a closeup of the backside. I really like the design; it seems very polished and elegant like Oh Ha Na's workplace.
The contents of the album slip out from the left of the external case.
This is the CD case, which is absolutely gorgeous and very high quality.
The backside is just as pretty; I really love this photo! And I just noticed the faded geometric heart.
I really like how the photo on the backside wraps around the spine and the front cover. This is the same image used on the cover of the photobook.
Inside the CD case are the two CDs and the photobook.
There's one CD on each side. The picture printed on the first CD is so adorable.
There was a lot of thought put into the packaging, like the photo collage printed underneath the plastic CD trays.
I like how the photobook isn't attached to the CD case. There are 44 pages, with the last six pages being the lyrics and credits.
Here is the back cover of the photobook.
While in drama there are flashbacks to Won and Ha Na's school days, the photobook illustrates their relationship in chronological order. Several pages also have Korean text.
Most photos are stills of the drama. Except maybe for this nice family portrait.
Sadly, these are the only photos of Myungsoo. I really did think he'd have more since he did play a rather extensive role in his few episodes. All the feels though; oh how I love this drama so~
The photobook doesn't include any spoilers of the drama, especially not from the last two episodes. All the photos together to make a good summary of the drama without giving anything away, in case for those who want to see the OST album photobook before watching the drama (?).
The last page has the credits. It's weird how the top section of these credits is a sticker on top of the page, as if they're covering up something underneath...

Overall, The Time We Were Not in Love is definitely one of my favorite dramas. I'm so glad that an OST album was produced for this drama, and that the packaging is very beautiful and definitely worth it for those who want to relive the drama through the photobook.

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