Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lovelyz: Hi~ 1st Repackaged Album Review

Just a few months after Lovelyz' debut with their full length album Girls' Invasion, they came back in March 2015 with the repackaged version of that album, Hi~ (안녕~). Sadly, Jisoo was on leave throughout the making of this album and its promotions, therefore it's just the other seven members here.

I ordered this album from the independent seller -importcds on, it shipped two days later, and arrived 9 days after shipment from Kentucky. I've ordered from this company before for my Infinite First Invasion album and sadly that time the packaging wasn't too great. This time, my album came in a much more sturdy cardboard wrap (it's not really a box) and arrived in great condition.
The album has a really delicate and girly charm to it with its Tiffany blue color, polka dots, and square box design. The album is over an inch thick, big enough to fit the lovely logo on the sides.
The backside is simplistic but intricate in its subtle details. You can kind of see these large, clear circles here; those circles are also on the front, though it's hard to see in the photo.
The white piece is a slip cover.
Underneath is a square box. (Sorry about the really crappy photo, it's really hard to capture the true color. It's more of an aqua color). The bottom is completely aqua with nothing printed.
The underside of the lid is just as pretty with the polka dot lining. There is a ribbon inside as well to more easily take out the contents of the box.
The contents of this album include, from top to bottom, the CD case, followed by the photobook, and then the random card set. I also included the photo of their spines to show the titles.
The front cover of the CD case has a fun image of Lovelyz.
Here is the back cover of the CD case.
Inside, the tracklist is printed on the left, and the CD is on the right. This album includes all the songs from Girls' Invasion, along with new title track "Hi~" and new side track "놀이공원." Despite only being the group's second main track, "Hi~" already sounds so much like Lovelyz' usual sound. And there always seems to be a song with Jiae's high-pitched, repetitive lines (which I personally think sound weird in these songs; it's sad because Jiae really does have a beautiful voice, but they make her sing these weird lines), like "비밀여행," "Bebe" from Lovelinus, and "놀이공원."
Here is the photobook. The back cover of the photobook looks exactly like the back cover of the CD case, but without the fine print on the bottom. There are 82 pages (it's nice how they print the page number on top).
The photobook includes three photoshoots. There are group photos and artsy photos spread throughout the photobook.
The first set of photos includes two pages of each member appearing young and pure in their delicate white blouses and pleated pastel skirts.
The next set also has two pages per member in their delicate, dark, lacy dresses.
The last set is definitely my favorite; there are two pages per member cutely blowing a bubble. Babysoul looks so adorable here!
The last section has a page for each song, two pages for the "thanks to..." and the credits.
Instead of simply having random photocards, this album comes with one of two random card sets. Both sets come with 13 photocards and are just as big as the CD case and photobook.
The card set came inside a paper frame, where the photos can easily slide out from the side.
Here is the backside of the paper frame. You can fold that flap to make it stand up.
My random set is of the photocards, while the other is a 2015 calendar set. I really like these photos; they look so artsy and I like how they include bts photos as well. These remind me of the photocards that come with the first press of L's Bravo Viewtiful.
The backside of the photocards are simple as well.

Overall, I love the packaging of this album! It fits Lovelyz' girly and innocent concept really well. I especially love the contents of the album, like the photocard set.

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