Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lovelyz: Lovelinus 1st Single Review

Lovelyz has had a very active year in 2015, releasing three albums. The latest album is the group's first single, titled Lovelinus after their fandom name, released on December 7th. I ordered this album from on December 12th, it shipped the following day, and arrived 16 days after shipment. Because it comes with a free folded poster, my items arrived in a cardboard box with lots of bubblewrap.
Many aspects of this album reminds me a lot of Infinite's first single, Inspirit, also titled after its fandom. The front cover shows Lovelyz as fun, bright, and sporty, each holding a ball on top of their heads (matching Infinite's sporty photoshoot from Inspirit as well). I love how the members are all wearing Lovelyz-branded sporty outfits.
The back cover is simplistic, and has a pastel, geometric design.
The front cover is a flap that slips into a small slit. It's originally held together by a piece of tape, but you can slowly peel it off without damaging the album.
Opening the flap shows another cute picture of the members in their sporty outfits.
On the top is the CD case and on the bottom is the photobook.
Here is the front of the CD case. This image is also the digital album cover; I love this concept so much.
The backside is simplistic with its geometric pattern.
The inside of the CD case is very simple, with the tracklist on the left and CD on the right. I absolutely love the main track "For You," it's so bubbly and cheery. I especially love how labelmate Myungsoo also participated in Lovelyz' promotions for this song by taking the teaser photos and creating the "For You" logo (which also looks similar to Infinite's "That Summer Concert" series). Anyways...the second track, "Circle," is a nice pop ballad. Lastly, "Bebe" sounds really similar to "For You," but they had to make Jiae have a weird line again with that repetitive "".
The front of the photobook is also simplistic. I like how the Lovelyz logo isn't just printed on the cover, but it's a glossy overlay on top of the cover.
The back of the photobook replicates the front.
The first page of the photobook includes the photocards.
This album contains two random photocards out of sixteen different versions. There are two photocards per member, one from the sporty photoshoot and one from the Victorian-esque one (like the cover of the CD case). The sporty photocards have a white background and a pink logo while the Victorian-esque photocards have that pale blue background and a blue logo. I personally love the Victorian-esque ones, but sadly I got two sporty ones. I got Mijoo's and Jisoo's~
The topside is glossy while the backside is matte and has that member's cute printed autograph. Woollim has a thing for odd-shaped photocards; these are square and just under three inches in length.
The photobook includes 42 pages, with two pages in the middle dedicated to the lyrics and the last page being the credits. The first set of photos is of the Victorian-style photoshoot and includes two pages per member. I absolutely love Jin's haircut and it was her Lovelinus teaser photo that really solidified her as my bias.
This first set also includes six additional sub-group and individual pictures.
The second set contains the sporty photoshoot and has one page per member. Jiae's highlights are so pretty and she looks like such a doll! I don't really like this sporty concept, but Jiae really pulls it off well here.
There are also give group and sub-group pictures from this photoshoot. This second set definitely gives off a more fun and playful outlook.
Two pages are dedicated to each member's message to Lovelinus.
There are three types of external posters for this album, with dimensions about the same as their other posters. All have a nice monthly 2016 calendar display. The one I received is my absolute favorite; it's the same as the album cover art, as well as the cover of the CD case. The second poster is from the same photoshoot as mine, except there are four separate photos with two members in each photo. These are the same photos as pages 20 to 23 in the photobook. The last poster is a new photo from the sporty photoshoot; it's not included in the album.

Overall, I absolutely love this album, the concept, and especially "For You," which is different from their other main tracks yet it fits them so well. I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for Lovelyz!

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