Tuesday, January 15, 2013

IU: Real Mini Album Review

As I've said several posts ago, I received IU's album Real from Taiwan. Ever since I first saw IU as shy, self-conscious Miss Sushi on Dream High, I fell for her innocent, darling charm and instantly became a fan.

IU has a beautiful, soothing voice with matching songs that I can listen to endlessly when I need a pick-me-up or just a fun song to distract me from my studies. IU's Real extended play, released in December 2010, is equally beautifully packaged, containing her nature photo shoot for the album.

This album is more like a hardcover book, as it contains a photo and lyric book, along with intricate flaps that shield the actual CD.  The photo book reveals IU looking more mature and sophisticated than she has in the past.  Her bangs have been outgrown and her hair is wavy, creating a more adult hairstyle.  IU's elegantly (not trashy) smokey eyes and fake eyelashes offer a flirty, charming side to her overall sophisticated demeanor.
Once opened, this 'book' reveals two more flaps, as seen in the top left photo. On the right side is IU's photo shoot and lyrics. The bottom left photo illustrates two photos along with the lyrics to one of the songs. The right photo, also a part of this photo shoot, shows IU beautifully dressed. I love her minimalistic, yet sophisticated outfits on this shoot! She is such a style icon.
The left flap exposes two vertical flaps that protect the actual CD.  This left half of the book is covered with IU in an open field.  I should have lined up the CD with the background image; now it looks funky :(
Now onto the actual music of this extended play. Clearly I'm not educated in the music field (you will be able to tell if you read on) so I will use my own, very simple terms to express my thoughts of this album. My most favorite track is IU's second track, Good Day, which is very catchy, with upbeat instrumentals and her flowy voice. This album also ends with the instrumental version of Good Day, which is just as beautiful to listen to when you need a boost of happiness. On this album is also a Christmas song, entitled Merry Christmas Ahead. This slow, cheery song does have gentle tones that remind me of falling snowflakes.

Sadly I don't understand the lyrics of these songs or their meaning, but overall these songs sound more mature than her past songs, with sad, soft and slow tones.  In all, check out this extended play if you're an IU fan!  The layout of this extended play, the photo book, and the song, Good Day, are worth it.

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