Monday, January 21, 2013

Kpop Songs 2012, Part 2: Girl Groups, Collaborations, Solo Artists

This is the second and final part of my most favorite songs that I discovered in 2012 (these songs either came out in 2011 or 2012).  To check out the first part, my favorite boy band songs, click here.

Trouble Maker - HyunA and Hyun Seung aka Trouble Maker
It's not often that I see a mixed gender group, so I was instantly drawn towards the new group Trouble Maker, a duo group containing 4minute's HyunA and Beast's Hyun Seung. This song and its music video are very mature and bold, much different from the more innocent, mellow songs I listen to. I am amazed at the provocative choreography in the music video-it's just amazing how fast they're moving. I first found this song by watching several of Kpop Billboard's Hot 100 Top 50, so I've been exposed to this song multiple times. At first I really didn't click with this song because of its sexiness, but soon the fast-paced chorus really got to me and won me over.

Loving U - Sistar
This song and its music video is very fresh, fun, lively and makes me just want to fly to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii just to dance to this music video. Its chorus is very catchy and beats are very peppy, making me feel carefree and worry-free.

Classic - J.Y. Park, Suzy, Taecyeon, Wooyoung
This mini Dream High cast reunion was what drew me to this endorsement song for Reebok. This collaboration of diverse performers makes for a beautiful, gentle song that I like to listen to when I need something mellow.

Back in Time - Lyn
This song is the first track in The Moon That Embraces the Sun OST (the full album; it is Part 2 of the individual albums). Its slow tune and powerful chorus charmed me every time they played this song in the drama. Also listening to an English cover of this song has moved me so much. The translated lyrics are so powerful and touching, I am just in awe.

TTL (Time to Love) - T-ara and SuperNova
It's not often that I see collaborations between boy bands and girl groups, and this collaboration is what first caught my attention with this song. Next the fast pace and fun beat won me over. It's just so catchy!

I Don't Need a Man - Miss A
This song's concept really reminds me of Beyonce's "Single Ladies," which is inspirational and encouraging.  But that's not why I like this song!  I love the fun, carefree attitude that this song portrays, especially the chorus. Like all these other songs, this one is also super catchy!

Though I had an entire year to find a list of songs to obsess over, I only found 10 that really stood out for me. I hope you liked these songs and music videos as much as I do!

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