Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kpop Songs 2012, Part 1: Boy Bands

I love writing recap posts that cover an entire year.  Though we are well on our way into 2013, I want to write about my most favorite kpop songs of 2012. These aren't necessarily songs from 2012, but more like songs that I have only discovered in 2012, and I am still very excited about these songs, so bare with me if I'm writing about 'old' songs.  These songs spoke to me, giving me an emotional connection one way or another, and are always stuck in my head because of their catchy tunes.  I was just gathering the songs that I truly obsessed over last year, and it ended up being ten-perfect!

My entire list included too many labels, so I have to split this post into two parts.  This first part covers my most four favorite songs from boy bands that I discovered last year.  Check out Part 2, which covers six videos of girl groups, collaborations, etc.

Hey You - CNBlue
From their 4th Korean mini album, Hey You is my most favorite CNBlue song!  CNBlue has always been my most favorite band, and their songs always amaze me.  This song really showcased the vocals of Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun, and the chorus is upbeat and smooth.  Random anecdote: this is the song I hum when I'm getting shots to distract myself!

Be Mine - Infinite
I first learned about Infinite through the drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band. This drama stars the adorable Kim Myungsoo, aka L, of Infinite. Early in the drama, there is one scene where the main cast sings a karaoke version of Infinite's song "Be Mine." I instantly fell for the tune and chorus of this song, and after watching at the music video I fell for the members of Infinite! I even try to mimic this dance in the shower sometimes!

Crazy - Teen Top
Similar to Infinite's "Be Mine," I fell for Teen Top's "Crazy" because of the catchy tune and chorus. The English lyrics are very repetitive and simple, making it easy for me to sing this song all the time. I just can't get enough of this upbeat pop song!

Hateful Person - Beast
Part of the Big OST, this song is simply fun and lighthearted, just like the drama. Every time this song is played in Big, I can't stop smiling at the happy tune of Hateful Person. Despite such a negative title, this song is definitely cheery throughout.

This is my short list of favorite boy band songs that I found in 2012! Check out the rest of my kpop 2012 list here.

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