Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tony Moly Magic Tint Review

As a late holiday present, my friend gave me the best (materialistic) gift of all: Tony Moly products! My friend, who is quite knowlegable in the Korean beauty brands department, says that Tony Moly is most famously known for their lip products. That said, she gave me the Cat Chu Wink Lip Tint and the Magic Tint in Grape. I have been a fanatic about lip tints: they're natural and light, unlike glosses and lipsticks, yet a step up from balms.  Here's my review on the Magic Tint (Cat Chu Wink Lip Tint review is on the way).

Magic Tint in Grape
This tint has a fruity punch to it, smell-wise and color-wise. This is grape flavor, and its scent is lightly coated with sweet purple grapes. The color is a deep purple-red wine hue. This tint consists of a very conformed, solid jelly consistency, which is good because when you use your finger to get the product, you can easily control how much product to get.
This Magic Tint is named just that because supposedly once the product is taken out of its container, the tint transforms from its deep purple hue to a softer pink tone.  The product also comes in Green Apple and Strawberry flavors, so if you really want to see this amazing color change, I suggest you try the Green Apple flavor. This blooming concept of transforming colors in lip products is a new trend, and I'm glad Tony Moly has made a product to follow it!
I took a set of three swatches within 30 minutes on my hand, and you can see the color transforming within this time. I swiped the tint several times and only gave me a barely transparent, clear pink coat. Within several minutes, the color became slightly more pink. Alas, about 25 minutes since I first put the tint on my hand, the color became a more flirty, vibrant purple.

The Pros
  • This grape flavor offers a sophisticated berry hue
  • The color is natural, yet vibrant
  • There is a pleasant, subtle grape scent
  • A little goes a long way, so this tint will last quite awhile
  • The solid jelly form makes it easy to get the right amount (which wouldn't be a problem if there were an applicator)
  • The color stays on well (I used a paper towel to rub off the tint roughly from my lips but it still stayed on).
The Cons
Note: these cons are only for makeup novices like myself (as you can see, all my beauty reviews are for skincare, not makeup).
  • You must have smooth, unchapped lips first, so layer your lips with a moisturizing balm beforehand.
  • The color stays on too well and there is no applicator provided.  It's hard to control this product with my finger, and I accidentally put some tint above my stay in control, or else you will have tinted skin!
  • This tint gives off a sticky feeling, even two hours after initial application
Overall, this product is very colorful and the color transformation is interesting to watch.  But because it takes awhile for the color to appear, make sure you see how the end result looks on your lips after the complete color transformation!

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