Friday, January 18, 2013

Tony Moly Cleansing Foam and Etude House Body Scrub Reviews

I love Tony Moly products, so I was absolutely ecstatic when my A-Poly package arrived with four generous samples of various Tony Moly goodies!  Today I'm reviewing on my Dr. Tony AC Control Acne Cleansing Foam sample, along with the lone Etude House sample, Know Your Body Soft Cream Scrub, which also came with my A-Poly package.

Tony Moly Dr. Tony AC Control Acne Cleansing Foam
First off, I love the packaging of this sample.  This brand even takes the time to design cute packaging for their samples, making this cleansing foam sample into a smaller, two dimensional version of the actual product.  Majority of the information is in Korean, with English saying "Non-prescription acne-preventive foam cleanser certified by KFDA," which sounds very fancy and trustworthy. According to the information posted on the Tony Moly website, this cleansing foam has numerous benefits.  Apparently this is a multipurpose product that helps with blood flow within the face, minimizes pores, exfoliates skin, soothes redness, gives sun protection and more.  I won't be able to test any of these claims with my sample, but I'm sure that this product's advantages do outweigh its disadvantages.
This product is creamy and a bit liquidy, but doesn't run like water.  It is very smooth and consistent throughout.  There weren't any directions, at least not in English, on the package or on the Tony Moly website, so I just placed the product in the palm of my hand, added water and rubbed on my face until all of the cream became foamy, then I rinsed it all off a few minutes after massaging my face.

The Pros
  • The smell is a gentle detergent scent, similar to that of hotel soap.  The scent could be better, but it's not bad.
  • This product easily foams and is easily distributed throughout my face.
  • My face feels matte and clean afterwards.
The Cons
  •  After drying my face, I have a tingly, stinging feeling throughout my face...does that mean it's working?  It's not a pleasant feeling, but it does go away after a few minutes.
Because this is a sample after all, I'm not sure how amazing the long term effects are for acne-prone skin.  But overall, I would consider giving this product a try. Even if it won't help prevent acne, it still cleans my face. And for the tingly, stinging feeling, maybe my skin will soon tolerate it the more often I use it. At least that's how other heavily medicated acne skincare products have affected me, so it probably means that this Tony Moly cleanser is heavily medicated and great for acne-prone people.

Etude House Know Your Body Soft Cream Scrub
I always considered body scrub as an unnecessary but luxurious step in my shower routine, so I decided to test this product out. There isn't much information about this product online, so hopefully my review will shed some light on this mysterious body scrub.  My skin has been drier than usual due to the bone-chilling weather, so I'm hoping this body scrub will moisturize my skin back to health!

The packaging of this sample is simple, yet girly and adorable, matching Etude House's princess-like concept.
The back has information in Korean and English about instructions. It says to massage the scrub in a circular motion over damp skin, then rinse off. It suggests you to use this product once to twice a week.
The product itself is very light and airy, just slightly thicker than mousse.  While the name does say that this is a soft cream, which it is, there are also small, white specks that exfoliate the skin.  I'm assuming the dark pink dots on the package illustrate these minuscule specks.

The Pros
  • The mousse-like texture is interesting and fun
  • The exfoliation was a nice surprise
The Cons
  • The scent is tolerable, but it is a light, vanilla smell (to describe it nicely) that isn't too appealing
  • My skin doesn't feel soft or smooth coming out of the shower
Overall, I'm quite a lazy person when it comes to a beauty routine, and I didn't see or feel any difference in my skin (though I'm not sure if this will be the result in the long run-it could be better if I used it on a weekly basis).  I'm sure others see some benefit to using the scrub, but for me, I'm glad I got to sample it before purchasing it because I probably wouldn't purchase this.


  1. Tony moly can be found at Hmart now!

    1. Really, Tony Moly's at HMart?!?! Do you know if all HMarts carry Tony Moly, including the one in Federal Way, WA and Vancouver, Canada? I'd be very excited if they do, because I didn't see it last time I visited them.

  2. Hiii i am trying now tonymoly acne foam tester but it does alergy my skin. My skin is blushhhh :((( whyyy tonymolyyy whyyy :((