Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tony Moly Eggpore Series Review

I'm finally getting around to reviewing what seems to be Tony Moly's most famous line of products, the Eggpore Series. This series includes the Blackhead Out Oil Gel (white egg), Tightening Pack (brown egg) and Silky Smooth Balm (golden egg) and there is also a less common Real Egg Jelly (khaki egg). I ordered the first two eggs from this series from Amazon's A-Poly and am planning to order the balm in the future! I'll give an overview about the general elements (size, amount, usage, etc.) in the Blackhead Out Oil Get section, because both eggs are pretty similar.

Blackhead Out Oil Gel
Here are the four sides of the packaging of the first egg in the series. The first image, starting in the upper left and going clockwise, is the front of the box. The second image is written in Korean, the third has directions and ingredients in English and the last has instructions in Korean with images to demonstrate. The directions say to massage the gel over areas with blackheads for three to five minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water.
These eggs are much larger than I had imagined! I thought they would be the size of chicken eggs, but really they are so large that they barely fit into my palm.
Despite being such a large container, only the bottom of the egg has the actual product, containing 30ml. It is recommended to use this series just once or twice a week, so the products will last quite awhile. I have heard a mix of reviews about the effectiveness of these products, mostly negative, but being a sucker for adorable packaging, I had to tap into this series! The first two eggs are wash off products actually to control blackheads, while the balm is a primer to conceal blackheads.  Specifically the Blackhead Out Oil Gel is to eliminate the blackheads and the Tightening Pack is to tighten and close up pores.
One thing to be aware of: when I first opened my white egg, I took off the flat lid. When I put the lid back over the product, I thought the lid wasn't placed well enough, so I kept pushing the lid down until I accidentally pushed the lid into the product, scooping half of the product out of the egg and onto the table. Moral of story: the lid just rests over the product, so don't try to secure the lid!  In this picture you can see how messy the ring is around the yellow of my biggest pet peeves is messy things!
The consistency is a smooth, fluid gel with occasional yellow beads for exfoliation. The gel is a translucent gray that turns white as you massage it on your face.  The picture of my fingers shows the gel in different, equally poor lighting.

The Pros
  • The light citrus scent is pleasant, especially since I'm placing this product all around my nose.
  • I like how the gel turns into white foam, showing the product at work.
  • The yellow beads are a nice exfoliation.
  • The packaging is SO cute!
The Cons
  • None so far!  I will have to use this product throughout the weeks to see if my blackheads to improve.
Tightening Pack
Here are the four sides of the Tightening Pack's packaging.  Starting at the upper left and going clockwise, the first image is the front of the egg, the second image is written in Korean, the third image is the backside with the directions and ingredients in English, and the last image has the directions in Korean, accompanied by three illustrative images.  The directions say to apply over your pores and leave on for 10-15 minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water.
You can see how thick this product is. Peeling off the lid is definitely a struggle the first few times because of how sticky this thick product is!
This product is surprisingly very smooth and has a light consistency, unlike the hard and stiff clay texture I had originally imagined.  I applied a thin layer on and around my nose, which was just translucent enough to barely see the blackheads.  I think just this thin layer is enough for the mask to be effective.

The Pros
  • There is no noticeable smell, even throughout the 23+ minutes I left this mask on my nose.
  • The smooth, light consistency gives a relaxing, cooling sensation on my nose.
  • This product easily smooths over my nose, so I don't need much product per use.
  • This mask hardens into clay in about 10 minutes, leaving a smooth finish that I can't stop touching!
  • After using both products, my nose feels really clean!  Even if my blackheads don't get smaller, my nose will still be clean, which is satisfying enough.
  • The packaging is cute!  These eggs are a set, so I have to get them all!
The Cons
  • None; I absolutely love this product!  This is my favorite egg out of the two I have.
My brother also used these two products with me, and he agrees that his nose feels very clean after using these two products too.  We plan to use these two eggs once a week.  I hope we both get satisfying results soon!

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