Saturday, December 7, 2013

K.Will: Will In Fall 4th Mini Album Review

Ever since I saw the Love Blossom music video, I've had a love for K.Will's soothing voice.  I decided to buy his latest album that came out this past season, Will In Fall, which has unique packaging and a tracklist that doesn't disappoint!
This is K.Will's fourth mini album, and it was released in the middle of October, very fitting for the autumn season!  The album is a square, cardboard box with a lid.  The lid is pretty loose so don't hold the album just by the lid.  The cover shows K.Will in the midst of the fall season.  The left and right sides also show part of the image along with the album information, adding more character to the box, while the other two sides have the rustic brown and the album title listed on the right.
Here are the front and back designs.  All the wording is printed in what looks like a sketch, with random artistic details throughout the album.  There's this leaf insignia that keeps appearing, representing fall.  The back, or bottom of the box, has a photo of grass, the tracklist and the authentication sticker.  You can also see that two side of the lid have a cutout to remove the top more easily.
Underneath the lid, the fall theme continues.  There is a small sketch of a tree with its leaves fallen on the underside of the lid.  The box itself is filled with K.Will in fall.
Inside the box, there are four layers of pieces of paper.  The top layer is a square piece of translucent paper with the album information and more leaf drawings.  Below that are three pieces of folded paper.  These pieces are double sided and illustrate the photos from the photoshoot for this album.  This photoshoot shows the beauty of the season, and are all really gorgeous.  There's this really calming presence while looking at photos of K.Will in nature!
All three pieces of paper are like mini double sided posters about 12 inches by 18 inches.  The first poster shows K.Will glancing out a window, admiring the outdoors and getting lost in his thoughts.
One side of the second poster adds the doodles and sketch-like type font, creating a fun collage.  There are three photos of K.Will enjoying a lazy day, basking in the autumn warmth.  The backside cleverly places "Will In Fall" on a green sign above his head.
The last poster is of the album cover.  With this glowing aura of light, K.Will really does look angelic a midst a heavenly landscape.  The backside has a zoomed out image of him lackadaisically in an open field.  The lyrics and credits are also presented, along with cute fonts for the translated English song titles.  Overall, this packaging is really unique.  I like how the tracklist and photos are converted into mini posters.  But because they're double sided, it's hard to choose which side to display!  Also, my random opinion: the photos, the lighting, the ambiance and sketches give off such a hipster look; these posters seem like they should be posted on telephone poles and independent coffee shops.
Underneath the photos is an elevated cardboard, with a foam circle that holds the CD.  This foam piece wasn't properly attached, because when I opened my album, the CD was in the far bottom right corner.  I'm pretty sure it should be centered.  I moved it more towards the center, but I don't want to wear it down any further.  The CD design is filled with more leaf drawings, continuing with the overall theme.

As for the songs, these six tracks fit K.Will's voice and style perfectly.  His voice is so soothing and calming, I always listen to this album when I'm in a relaxing mood.  Again, I am no where close to being a music expert, so I'll just give my thoughts on each track.

  1. Fall in Fall is a great introductory track that leads into the album yet still showcases K.Will's charming voice.
  2. You Don't Know Love is the main track of this album that has a really catchy chorus.  The beginning also opens with what it seems like a DJ scratching the track, making for a pleasantly surprising start to the otherwise usual main track of K.Will.
  3. It's Not You is another beautiful song.  Throughout the song, K.Will really sings his heart out and throws his emotions into it, making for such a heartwarming song despite not knowing the meaning of the lyrics.
  4. First Love Ends is a much slower ballad that also showcases his angelic voice.
  5. Bubble has a more fun and upbeat tone to it.  This song has other components unlike the rest of the tracklist, including K.Will's rapping and a dialogue between him and Sistar's Bora.
  6. Slip of the Tongue may seem like an unusual title for a song, but it's so beautiful.  Right from the beginning, this track sounds like such a hit.  It has that intense OST type instrumental, like a song that would be played during a cliffhanger of a drama.
Overall, this album is so gorgeous and fitting for fall.  K.Will's voice expresses so much emotion and he has that really angelic, soothing sound if that makes sense.  The photos and packaging are also very beautiful; these photos should be on display at an art gallery, because they fit this season concept and showcase the scenery just as much as they do of K.Will.  This is definitely an album I'll treasure for a long time.

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