Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Korean Haul!

While I was trudging through dead week and finals, my parents were enjoying themselves in none other than...Korea! As my parents are the sweetest despite my envying them, they gifted me with so many beauty products and Kpop merchandise!  Here is a quick look at my haul:

Tony Moly products and samples (and one Holika Holika sample):
Shara Shara products and freebies of L (they also gave a free L poster, which I'll show in a later post):
Kpop merchandise:
Kpop posters:
The worker at the Kpop store offered my parents so many free, official posters!  He gave one BtoB's Press Play, Exo's XOXO, both versions of Infinite's Destiny, Infinite's Infinitize Mission, and asked my parents what else I liked. They managed to list IU and CNBlue, so I also got IU's Modern Times and CNBlue's Present, which just came out!

I'm sorry I can't review these stores, but do expect lots of reviews these upcoming weeks!

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