Monday, December 9, 2013

Los Angeles' Koreatown Galleria: Korean Shopping

Located within Los Angeles' Koreatown, Koreatown Galleria is a three story Korean mall, filled with a variety of shops.  I only spent a bit of time here, but still got a glimpse of the potential this mall has!  Here are the shops I visited:

Sejong Bookstore
Just outside of this store is a table with the latest Korean fashion magazines.  Also at the counter, there are lots more of this month's Korean fashion and Kpop magazines.  There was one older man running the store, and he was so friendly.  I asked him if he carried some Korean fashion magazines, and right away he knew they were already sold out.
I ended up buying the November 2013 issue of Korean Nylon for around $20.  This may seem like a lot for a magazine, but this issue is very thick and comes with lots of mini phamplets inside!  And not to mention L's short but gorgeous and super-worth-it spread.
The shopkeeper was so nice, he gave me a folded, double sided Kpop poster too!  I definitely didn't see this coming, so it was such a pleasant surprise for him to offer this to me.

Chois Records
There are some gorgeous posters covering the storefront!  Chois Records may be small, but it definitely has a lot of merchandise.
This Kpop store has lots of albums and boxed sets that fill the walls of the store, from floor to ceiling..  There are also official lightsticks sold at the counter.  There are a few unofficial products located in the corner, some at a discounted price.  When I went in early November, there was also a nice display for Infinite's Infinitize Showcase ($60) and a section containing the boxed DVD set and OST for Reply 1997.

I'm sorry it's been exactly one month since I visited this mall, so my recollection is kind of bad...overall, I loved visiting both of these shops!  Sejong Bookstore's shopkeeper was so nice and Chois Records is Kpop galore.

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