Sunday, December 15, 2013

Korean Beauty Brand: Shara Shara

Shara Shara is a Korean cosmetic brand that is fairly new (within the past few years) and has several locations in Seoul, mainly in Myungdong.  This brand is very girly, with its hot pink crown logo and slogan being "the romantic lounge for ladies."  Shara Shara seems more childish than competitors like Etude House and Holika Holika, because of its trademark cartoon girl figures (you'll know what I mean if you visit a store).  I, myself, have never been to Shara Shara, but would have definitely felt embarrassed stepping inside.  During the end of the summer, Shara Shara announced L as its latest and sole endorser.  I've honestly never heard of Shara Shara, so if it weren't for L, I would have never known about this brand.
I sent my mom on a mission while she was in Seoul: to go to Shara Shara and make a big enough purchase to get me all the L freebies. Honestly, Shara Shara is so smart to have L as their latest endorser; because of L, I'm buying so many Shara products without even caring about what they are.  Above are the freebies my mom received.
I received two hot pink pens with two padded, girly cartoon heads at the ends.  This is an example of the childish aspect of the brand. The backs of the heads say the brand and its slogan.
I also received a small pack of moist towelettes that, according to the back, can be used anywhere on the go.
And here is the one freebie I truly wanted the most: the doll!  There are two versions of the L doll, the other with him sweetly holding out a bouquet of flowers.  The doll is about 7.5 inches tall and comes with a base to stand it up.
I always keep L on my messy desk, near my One Great Step ticket and merchandise!
I didn't expect to receive a poster, which is such a nice surprise!  Sadly, the workers don't care about L like I do, and therefore the poster was mistreated with lots of bends and creases. The poster is highly glossy and has a printed signature of L, along with the message "Be Mine Shara Shara" in Korean.  I love how L looks so fresh and innocent in the doll form but so hot in the poster.  He looks so edgy and irresistible with that hairstyle and jacket, yet so adorable sucking on that colorful lollipop!  I just don't know what to make of this cuteness.
And lastly, here is the box of cotton pads.  L looks so dashing in his pink suit (it reminds me of Koi Ni Ochiru Toki promotions back in June!). On the side it says how the pads are super soft.
Here are the other two sides of the box.  L looks like such a precious angel in white with those feathers in his hair!  The other side explains more about the pads.  This box is so special to me, so of course I'll never open it!
On many of Shara's products, including the bottom of the cotton pad box, there's a QR code that sends you to this page:
This QR code is to guarantee that the product you purchased is, indeed, an official product of Shara Shara. I've never seen something like this for beauty products, which I thought was interesting, especially since this isn't even a high end brand prone to having others create counterfeits.

I now have a few of their products, so I'll be reviewing them soon.  Hopefully I'll like Shara's products as much as I love their freebies!

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