Monday, December 16, 2013

Shara Shara Aloe Pure Jelly Foam Review

Shara Shara is a Korean cosmetic company that isn't well known in the internet world, so I'm not able to provide much background on the brand or this product besides my thoughts of it.
This is one of Shara Shara's facial cleansers, the Aloe Pure Jelly Foam.  I have a thing for sea green and for matte finishes, so I quickly fell for the packaging despite being a basic 150 ml tube.  This tube is matte (not that it matters), and the substance inside is translucent aloe green.
The back has information in Korean, with a brief description in English that this foam cleanser has aloe to moisturize and clean your skin.  The QR code in the top right is to signify that this is a certified Shara Shara product.
Why does my hand always appear scorching red?  Anyways, the consistency is like aloe gel, but a lot more runny and diluted.  The solution is also very smooth and gentle, a plus for those with sensitive skin.  It's very translucent with just a slight green hue.  It smells light and refreshing, like lychee syrup or a mild hand sanitizer.  The amount in the photo is a good amount for my face, then I douse it with lots of water to create a white, foamy consistency.  To use, simply squirt the product in your palm, add lots of water, wash your face and rinse.

The Pros
  • The foam easily washes off, leaving no soapy residue afterwards, just a clean face!
  • I have combination-to-normal skin, and hours after using this wash my face is still normally and healthily dry.
  • This foam is very gentle and smooth, so it's more suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  • My skin has no irritation or discomfort during or after using this cleanser.
  • The light aloe smell still lingers after washing.
The Cons
  • Because this cleanser is more gentle and smooth, it's not a problem solver for those with target skin issues like acne.  I'll be using this product daily, along with my more medicated acne products.
Overall, I do like this product.  The mild scent and color are very refreshing, and my face does feel much cleaner afterwards.  I'll definitely keep using this as a daily cleanser.

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