Saturday, November 26, 2016

[IFNT COLL] Infinite Japanese Albums

This is my first detailed post from My Infinite Collection series, which I give an introduction here. In these posts, I will begin with a collective photo and list any releases that I am missing. Then I will break it down by each release and list any versions that I am missing. Click the ∞ before each album to see my unboxing review of it.
Missing Entirely: Best of Infinite
Here is my entire collection of Infinite's Japanese album releases. I have tried to get at least one version of each album, however it's getting harder with the increasing number of releases these past few years.

BTD (Single)
Normal Edition
Single + Photobook (Type A)
 Single + DVD (Type B)
Photocard: Exterior White (out of at least 2), Group (out of 1), Sungkyu, L (out of 7)
Infinite's Japanese debut, the beginning of Infinite having more than one version of a release. The normal edition comes with the Group card with the limited editions come with 1 out of 7. I pulled Sungkyu from Type A. At the time I first looked into these albums (in early 2013), Type A was going for around $50 new and Type B was well over $100 new. So I opted for buying Type B used from eBay, and the seller included a bonus external postcard (there are at least 2 designs) and L's card.

Be Mine (Single)
Solid Version (Jacket A)
Innocent Version (Jacket C)
Missing: Pop Art Version (Jacket B), normal edition
Postcard: Solid Hoya (out of 7), Innocent Sungkyu (out of 7)
These are becoming so much harder to find new, so I'm not sure if I'll ever get the Pop Art one. The Innocent one has so much meaning to me because it was one of my first Infinite albums ever - I fell in love with the concept instantly. Each version comes with 1 of 7 random postcards.

She's Back -Japanese Ver.- (Single)
Missing: normal edition
A4 Card: Woohyun (out of 7)
This limited edition is probably my favorite of Infinite's limited editions. The packaging, the photobook, the random card, they're all absolutely perfect. Because of this feeling, I have no desire to get the normal edition.

Last Romeo -君がいればいい- (Single)
 Single + DVD (Type A)
Single + Booklet (Type B)
Photocard: Woohyun (out of 8)
The photoshoot from the normal edition is absolute perfection. I really wish they used more photos from that shoot instead of using some from Season 2 and that weird geometric outfit.

Dilemma (Single)
 First Press Normal
 Single + DVD
Photocard: Woohyun (out of 8)
At the time, I was just really relieved that this release included a completely new photoshoot, unlike Last Romeo which reused the Season 2 photoshoot. Now, I absolutely love the photoshoot from Dilemma, especially from the normal photobooklet. I was never one to instinctively order Infinite's Japanese releases, but for this release, I have no regrets whatsoever.

24時間 24 Hours (Single)
 First Press Normal
Single + DVD
 All Members' Versions
Photocard: Group, Sungyeol (out of 8)
It was already hard enough for me to come to terms with getting all versions of Last Romeo and Dilemma. But to have all 9 versions of 24 Hours, I feel so silly, and I have yet to open Sungkyu's and Dongwoo's versions. But anyways, the first press normal and limited versions come with 1 photocard. I heard that the Group card is all too common, so I'm happy to have received the Group one from the normal and Sungyeol from the limited.

恋に落ちるとき Koi Ni Ochiru Toki (Full Length Album)
Missing: normal edition
Booklet:  Woohyun, L (out of 7)
I absolutely love these random member booklets. The photos are all so adorable, how can one not want to collect all 7. I initially bought KNOT at HMV in Tokyo and got Hoya. The first hyperlink is my review with the Hoya booklet. Then my friend ordered one and got L and readily traded with me! I was so happy, then I realized that I should just collect all I bought a used KNOT on Amazon and got Woohyun! The second hyperlink is an updated post with photos of the Woohyun and L booklets.

For You (Full Length Album)
 Limited + DVD
Missing: limited edition with Bluray, normal edition, member versions (x7)
10 versions may be a bit excessive, so I'll stick to just this 1 version for now. I can make do without a photocard or an A4 folder.

恋のサイン Koi No Sign (Infinite F Single)
First Press Normal
Single + DVD (Type A)
Single + Booklet (Type B)
Photocard: Group, L, Sungjong (out of 5)
Each version, granted that it is first press, comes with 1 out of 5 photocards. I'm really happy that I didn't receive any duplicates. I originally only bought Type A and got Sungyeol. Unfortunately my album arrived damaged, so I exchanged it and in return received the Group card. Later on I ordered Type B and got Sungjong. Lastly, I bought the Taiwanese edition of the normal version and got L (← a moment to fangirl, as this was my first time pulling L^^). I also have a poster for this, but I'm not sure where to blog about my posters yet...

Thank you for reading! I will slowly but surely continue posting about the rest of my collection, so please stay tuned.


  1. Do you know where i can found BTS album's in Montréal at good price ? :) thanks !

    1. Hello^^ I'm sorry, I don't know of any places to buy Kpop items in Montreal! I wish you the best of luck in finding BTS albums~