Thursday, May 15, 2014

CNP Laboratory Cleansing Perfecta Review

CNP Laboratory is a Korean skincare brand of which I honestly know nothing. As its name implies, I think they use a scientific (rather than cute packaging and design) approach to target trouble skin problems. Here I'll review a sample of the brand's Cleansing Perfecta.
According to the product's webpage, this gel cleanser is for all skin types and cleans the face well to rid waterproof makeup, BB cream and sun block. The directions online say to massage the cleanser on your face and rinse with warm water or remove the residue with a tissue.
This cleanser has a pleasant, slight floral scent and a white creamy gel that turns transparent. Since this is oil-free, it is very watery and therefore you don't need to dilute it with water when cleansing. However, you need to use a lot more product to cover the whole face. I like to add just a few drips of water to spread the cleanser more easily.

The Pros
  • The scent is pleasant and not bothersome.
  • It feels very very gentle, like nothing's on my face, yet it's still so effective in cleaning!
  • Unlike many cleansers that leave a soapy feeling residing on my face, this one really quickly and easily washes off.
  • Seeing how quickly my BB cream was rinsed off, it seems aqueduct for more waterproof products as well.
  • My face is left being clean and matte afterwards.
The Cons
  • You might need to use more product than if you were to use other cleansers.
Overall, which I'm not a fan of cleansers in general, I surprisingly do love this one! It's very quick and efficient, perfect for people like me who are lazy about their skincare routine.

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