Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Crystal Water Super Gel Review

The Face Shop's Arsainte Eco-Therapy Crystal Water Super Gel contains one part iceberg water from Canada and one part phyto-hyaluronic acid, according to the description on the back. This product's webpage adds that this gel cream seeps into your face for lasting moisture.
The directions online say after using toner and emulsion, use an adequate amount of product and apply onto your face from inside outwards. I see no difference as to where you apply this gel first, but if they say so...
This product is a gel that spreads easily and feels like I'm glazing my face. It is a translucent white hue with metallic flecks that turns completely clear once spread around, so there isn't actually glitter on your face. The scent is like that of grass jelly you'd have in boba tea.

The Pros
  • The scent is pleasant and not overbearing.
  • It spreads easily on my face and feels light, yet effective in providing moisture.
  • My face has no reaction to this product: no stings, no burns, nothing!
  • A few minutes after putting a layer on my face, it feels like a light layer of wax (in a good way, like moisturization). This smooth layer even lasts until morning, when I applied it the night before.
The Cons
  • Nothing!
Overall, I like this water gel. It's light on the face and creates a smooth texture that lasts the following morning. In a way, the results of using this Water Super Gel is like a milder version of using The Face Shop's Olive Essential Cream; this gel could be used for the hotter months while the cream could be used for the colder months.

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