Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Face Shop Baby Face Sleeping Mask Aqua Drop Pack Review

Update: Read the last paragraph for my latest (and pretty gross) thoughts about this mask.
The Face Shop has different masks in the Baby Face line that are meant to give you healthy skin, hopefully comparable to a baby's. Here I have a sample of the Baby Face Sleeping Mask Aqua Drop Pack, which may also go by Baby Face Hyaluronic Acid Pack.
The description from this product's webpage states that this mask uses aqua drop massage to moisturize, shine and improve blood circulation while lavender is used to calm the nerves and induce sleep. The directions on the back of this sample say to use at night, after cleansing and toning, by gently massaging the mask onto the face and neck. It is implied to leave the mask on and then go to sleep.
This mask has a tart lemon scent that reminds me of Tony Moly's Intense Snail Care Essence. It is white that easily turns transparent as it's spread, and is very smooth and runny.

Sleeping masks seem very similar to night creams, but with sleeping masks you put on more product (maybe a thin, but still visible layer on your face) so that it can seep into your skin overnight. This is the general idea, but I'm not too fond of it. I put on one layer, which was very wet and smooth to the touch, and it easily absorbed like thick face cream such as The Face Shop's Olive Essential Cream. Since it's a sleeping mask, I put on a second layer that will hopefully penetrate my skin overnight. Surprisingly the product doesn't make my hair feel sticky or gross since it's more watery. When I woke up, there was a layer of cream that remained, which felt a bit gross. My face did feel smooth and a bit waxy (like using those thick night creams), so it would be a good base layer for BB cream, but the amount of mask still on my face was too much. I didn't want to wash it off either, because it would be like washing off lotion.

The Pros
  • The citrus scent is quite pleasant.
  • It feels soothing on the face (except for on my zits).
  • As a sleeping mask, it wasn't messy while sleeping. Definitely a plus!
  • My face was smooth the following morning (but there was way too much excess mask still left on my face).
The Cons
  • Using this mask did sting my zits, but after about 10 minutes the sting was gone.
  • It just feels like I'm putting on too much night cream...which is why I'll just use one layer next time, as a night cream.
Overall, I see this sleeping mask more as a light night cream. I really don't like waking up with goop on my face, so that was a turn-off, but if I were to put just one layer on like a night cream, then it'd be much better.

Instantaneously after using this mask for the second night in a row, I felt irritation where my zits are, around my chin. Then I noticed that this entire area was completely red, and my skin felt very raw and dry; my skin felt like it was I guess I'm allergic to some chemical in this mask, as this reaction definitely shouldn't happen. The first photo (which I realize is all red because of the lighting...) is directly after I applied the mask. You can see the redness under my bottom lip. The middle photo is about half an hour afterwards, with aloe plastered on top. The bottom photo is of the following morning, with slight redness and dry, flaky skin. It's been three full days, and my face is still like the bottom photo. I honestly don't know what went wrong or what ingredient I'm allergic to (my face very rarely gets reactions!), but now I have a fear of using any of my the saying goes, if it's not broken, don't fix it. Maybe I shouldn't use so many products anymore...?

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