Monday, May 12, 2014

Etude House I Need You, Green Tea! Mask Sheet Review

Etude House has an extensive collection of mask sheets labeled "I Need You, ...!" that are appealing in packaging and creative in marketing, with 26 different flavors from A to Z that have different benefits, from dandelion, to elder flower, to hyaluronic acid (...acid on my face...), to xylitol, to many more very interesting flavors. Here, I'll review the "I Need You, Green Tea!" mask sheet, which I bought from an Etude location in Hong Kong last summer, which is why the packaging is an older design.
The backside has information written in Korean and English. The description states that this mask uses green tea extract to relieve stressed and tired skin and that this mask is designed for a more comfortable and adhesive fit. The description from the product's webpage (which is from Etude's Malaysian sector, since there is no Western sector) adds that this sheet is compostable, which is definitely a plus! The directions state to clean you face, then leave the mask on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, remove the mask and massage the excess essence into your skin. It also recommends to use masks every two to three days for maximum effect.
Oddly enough, this mask sheet is oval shaped, but in the horizontal direction, so it really didn't fit my face. Also the holes weren't thought out thoroughly, as the nose flap couldn't cover my entire nose.

The Pros
  • It has a subtly sweet, refreshing and fragrant scent.
  • The coolness and moistness of the sheet was very refreshing on the face, perfect for hot and humid nights.
  • After removing the sheet, it left my face with a soft (but sticky, but that just takes time to seep in) layer and moist skin.
  • There was just enough essence left in the pouch to use on my neck and limbs.
The Cons
  • The odd oval shape (hot dog ways) definitely didn't fit on my face well. It was poorly shaped in every area of my face, and there were so many creases at the chin and jaw area that it couldn't stay on well.
Overall, compared to other mask sheets, I didn't think this mask sheet was anything special, rather kind of the opposite. While it felt refreshing, the fit was just so unsatisfying that I wouldn't want to use this mask again.

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