Monday, May 26, 2014

The Face Shop Essential Pearl Mask Sheet Review

The Face Shop has a mini line of Essential Mask Sheets that use more scientific ingredients such as collagen, coenzyme and hyaluronic acid. Here I'll review the Essential Pearl Mask Sheet, the least scientific-sounding from this line.
Information about this product online, as well as on the backside, says that it's for all skin types and uses pearl extract that penetrates into the skin smoothly and lightly. Honestly this doesn't actually tell me what the benefits are...The backside also has directions and a warning. The instructions state to leave the mask sheet on for 15 to 20 minutes, and then let the remaining essence absorb into your skin. The caution warns you not to use this sheet on broken or abraded skin.
The mask sheet is thicker than others and almost circular with deep slits that allow the sheet to fit my face more accurately.

The Pros
  • The fit may be big, but this mask sheet surprisingly covers the top half of my face well and my entire face is decently covered, except for my eyelids.
  • The mask also stays on my face well, even if I'm facing the floor.
  • The thickness of this mask sheet seems high quality.
  • I could still feel the essence on my face the following morning.
The Cons
  • This mask had an initially too-strong flower-hand sanitizer-hotel soap scent that I could still smell a few minutes after putting on the mask.
  • Compared to other masks, this one didn't leave much essence on my face. Even taking the mask sheet out of its pouch, it felt like it didn't absorb as much essence. Usually I'd have to tap the excess on my face, but it wasn't necessary with this one.
  • There was barely any essence left inside the pouch, and I could just barely have enough to use on my neck and limbs; compared to others, I usually have lots of excess essence, but not this time.
Overall, I wasn't too impressed with this mask sheet. While it did leave essence on my face, it didn't seem as effective as any other mask sheet I've tried before.

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