Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SkinFood Facial Water Vita-C (Cream) Review

SkinFood has a skincare line called Facial Water Vita-C, which uses Vita C and Alaska glacier water to hydrate skin. Such products include cream, which I'll review here, a gel mask, total fluid and a mist, which was one of the first (and really badly done) reviews I did here.
According to the product's webpage, this Facial Water Vita-C Cream uses Vita C, which is a mash-up of raspberries, acai berries, cranberries and strawberries, all high in vitamin C for great hydration. This product also uses Alaska glacier water, which is very fresh and has a high concentration of oxygen, minerals and ions.
The directions on the back state to use this after the mist or essence. Then, apply the cream on your face and gently pat it in so the cream can absorb. Online also suggests to refrigerate beforehand for a cooling effect. Also if under exhaustion and stress, you can apply more of the product like a hydrating mask pack.
This facial cream is translucent with a hint of white, and has a very light cream consistency.

The Pros
  • This cream has a subtly sweet summer floral scent; it's just slightly milder than the fragrant Facial Water Vita-C Mist.
  • It feels very light on the face and doesn't irritate or disturb my skin.
  • It retains moisture in my face and I can feel it still on my face in the morning.
The Cons
  • Rather than moisturizing and hydrating my skin (which the product's name kind of implies), it more so keeps the face hydrated and healthy looking.
Overall, this is like a light face cream for normal skin to retain moisture and keep the face hydrated, rather than moisturize dry skin. Therefore this cream doesn't seem like a necessity, but maybe more for summer months to refresh your face or to use it daily to retain healthy moisture.

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