Sunday, May 18, 2014

Skin79 Essential Mask Reviews

Skin79 is a Korean beauty brand that has an easy-to-use website for foreigners, but with only-Korean product descriptions; their US website is Today I'll review the Bright Pearl Essential Mask and Moisture Ceramide Essential Mask sheets, both of which were purchased in Vietnam, hence the Vietnamese stickers.

Bright Pearl Essential Mask
The front and backside have the same description, stating that this mask uses pearl extract, lily flower extract and lotus flower extract to clean and brighten skin, as well as sooth dull and tired skin. Here is the link to the product's webpage, with facts listed in English and descriptions in Korean.

Moisture Ceramide Essential Mask
The front and back both state that this mask uses ceramide to restore and maintain moisture to dry and rough skin while oatmeal and Shea butter is used to protect sensitive skin. Information about this product in Korean can be found here.
The backside has a description, directions and ingredients listed in English and Korean (and on the Vietnamese stickers). The directions state to rinse your face, then put the mask sheet on for about 10 to 15 minutes before removing, and finally pat the excess essence on your face to absorb.
Here is the Moisture mask sheet, which is the same size as the Bright mask sheet. The shape of this sheet is oddly rhombus-shaped horizontally, with deep slits at the jawline.

The Pros
  • The mask stays on really well, even when my face is facing the ground for awhile.
  • Though the sheet dimensions are a bit odd, the deep slits allows me to cover more surface area and stay on well.
  • The mask is cool and refreshing on the face.
  • After removing the mask, there is a good amount of essence left on my face which gets absorbed quickly once I tapped it into my face (though it may feel sticky).
  • Directly after using this mask, I went to sleep and the next morning, my face is noticeably smoother, which I'm surprised by the good results!
  • The mask absorbs a lot of essence and there is still some remaining in the bag, so there's a good amount left to use on your neck and limbs.
The Cons
  • As always with mask sheets, the holes are too big so I can't cover my entire face.
  • The Moisture scent is off-putting; it's like that of an old lady's hand cream, a mix of potpourri and melted plastic. But you'd get used to the scent soon enough.  The Bright scent has a similar scent, but more diluted and with a hint of a floral burst.
Overall, despite the smell of the Moisture mask, I do like these sheets. I like that my face is smoother the next day.

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