Saturday, May 3, 2014

SkinFood Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser Review

SkinFood has a small line of Aloe vera cleansers that are fitting for those with sensitive skin, since these products are all gentle and soothing and non-irritating. Here I'll review the Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser.
The description on the back states that this product is "a rich foaming cleanser that thoroughly washes away impurities and leaves skin soft and comfortable." The product's webpage adds on that the aloe extract is great for sensitive skin while the cucumber extract cleanses and moisturizes skin. The directions online say to mix the cleanser with water to foam, then gently massage your face and rinse off with warm water.
This cleanser has a metallic white sheen and feels very light and airy. It reminds me of astronaut food: solid and whole, yet with very low density. The amount pictured is plenty; this is actually abundant enough for more than two face washes. This cleanser's scent is surprisingly not like Aloe vera, but more like the typical subtle cleanly scent of cleansers.

The Pros
  • This cleanser is very gentle and smooth on the skin, which is perfect for those with sensitive skin.
  • The scent isn't unbearable; in fact , it's hardly noticeable.
  • The texture is very light, airy and fun to play with.
  • It easily foams to your desired level, depending on how much water you add.
  • My face is left clean, matte and dry. (Though it may be a bit too dry for those with dry skin. I have dry-to-normal skin, and it did feel just a tad dry to me).
  • Just a little product goes a long way, so this can last for quite some time.
The Cons
  • While I don't have sensitive skin, my healing zits did sting for a few minutes after washing off my face.
  • This seems like the same as using a bar of soap.
Overall, this foam cleanser works well as a mild cleanser. But cleansers seem only to do just that: clean the face, which I feel like soap bars would have the same effect. Therefore, those who want a gentle face wash with minimal qualities besides just cleaning the face, this is a good product. For those looking for more advantageous products (ex. exfoliating beads to rid dead skin cells), a different type of wash would be better.

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