Sunday, August 24, 2014

Akdong Musician: Debut Album Play Review

Ever since I saw Akdong Musician live at the Brilliant Motor Festival, I fell for the siblings' awkward charms, writing talent and singing voices. I had to get a copy of their first album!
This album is very high quality and elegant. There is a clear slip that, once removed, reveals a canvas album cover. The back cover includes the tracklist and a cute photo of the pair.
Opening the album to the middle reveals the photobook on the left, two slips of paper, and the CD on the right.
The first slip of paper is a sticker sheet of motifs represented in the songs. The second piece of paper has an artistic design, and the backside has information about YG auditions.
This album is a little different, as you open the photobook by starting at the very left of the album, not from the middle of the album. And flipping to the first page reveals this really cool pop-up! I am a sucker for unique packaging, and this definitely is one of my favorite album designs.
Included on the following page is also the tracklist, along with English counterparts (though for track 10 I don't know why it's not just called "Hi"...?).
The photobook is 44 pages long, with a beautiful photoshoot of the two in a beautiful forest. The lyrics are also displayed really nicely, one song per page.
This full length album has 11 tracks, all equally stunning. I love all of Akmu's songs, as they're soothing and catchy, and their voices offer a relaxing atmosphere.

Overall, I really like the design of this album. It seems very organic, with the canvas texture, green papery CD platform, and nature photoshoot. And of course the songs are just as new and fresh as the album.

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