Saturday, August 23, 2014

Infinite's L Shara Shara Endorsement Product Reviews

On my trip to Korea, I was able to attain some Shara Shara goodies for myself after visiting several locations and many failed attempts to get anything with Myungsoo on it for a reasonable price.
The older goodies are the two face mask sheets. They are the same product, but with a different image on the front. The backside even says that this is the mask that "perfect guy L recommends," but of course I could never use it!
The postcard on the left is also from the older promotion. The worker was nice enough to put my postcard in a protective plastic bag! The right postcard is from the latest promotions. It reminds me of the Infinite's Kimi Ga Ireba II normal version, the water photoshoot!
I also received a poster, which came very protected and rolled up. The poster is very glossy and thick, yet it's also fragile like card stock, so it was really easy to bend the edges when I was unrolling it. The image is the same as the postcard.
I also received a fan with an image from the same photoshoot, advertising for some product.
And lastly, I received this gorgeous shopping bag! It contains the photos from the older photoshoot. I love the white one so much; the feathers are just amazing.

During the last few days of my stay in Seoul, Shara Shara also had new mini standees as freebies, but I somehow resisted the urge.

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