Friday, August 22, 2014

Infinite Concert Slogan Towel Reviews

I was able to get Infinite's official slogan towels from both One Great Step and That Summer 2 concerts, so here I'll review the two together.
Both towels come rolled up in a thin plastic tube with a beautiful sticker of that concert's concept. These towels are surprisingly very long! They're both about 9.75 inches by 38.75 inches. They're also made of microfiber and are very soft to the touch.
For One Great Step, the front design is a collage of all seven members. I personally don't like this design, as it looks choppy and Infinite's not together in one image. The backside, however, is really cool and significant. It is a world map of all the places that Infinite performed while on this world tour. It means so much to me that Infinite was able to go on a legit world tour and for many international Inspirits, like me, to be able to see Infinite live in concert! I am definitely going to proudly display this map in my room to relive the memories of OGSLA. I guess this towel was manufactured well before all of the concert locations were confirmed, as Peru is still printed on here.
For That Summer 2, the front design is a fun image of Infinite together with clear skies in the background. The backside has the concert logo and font with the random summer motifs scattered around. I personally don't really like this side, as these motifs don't have much significance to Infinite.

In all, I'm so happy to have the slogan towels from both of the Infinite concerts I attended!

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