Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Infinite Natuur Pop Endorsement Product Reviews

For the few months that Infinite endorsed Natuur Pop, they released exclusive products like beach balls, hand mirrors, and more, and I was finally to attain a few!

Postcard Set
There are two different versions of these postcard sets: this one and a close-up one. There are seven photos in a set, and they come in a plastic pouch with a sliding plastic zipper on top. The postcards are super snug inside the pouch, so it was really hard to take them out, even after I ripped out the zipper.
Here is the order that the postcards come in, from top to bottom, left to right. Each card is about 4.0625 inches by 5.75 inches. I love the chic pastel outfits and romantic offerings, reminiscent of the "Man in Love" Japanese music video!
Here is a close up of Hoya's card. Included in the corner is his printed autograph.
 The backside has a grid pattern, the cute postage Natuur Pop logo, and their social media info.

Natuur Pop also released three types of A4 folders, with bright and loud outfits that they wore for the CF, definitely contrasting with the postcards.

The backside has matching colorful patterns.

Infinite doesn't endorse Natuur Pop anymore, so it's getting more difficult to find these (besides paying ridiculous prices on eBay). I hope Infinite will endorse more brands soon!

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