Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Infinite That Summer Concert 2 Merchandise Review (Part 1)

I was able to purchase all 13 items sold at the That Summer Concert 2 venue, so I'll begin my unboxings here! The theme is "summer vacation," so a lot of designs are in blue and include beach and sea items, like shells and sea stars (it's weird not saying starfish...).

The pendant comes in a square box and is embedded in a thick foam layer like The Origin; it even has that same smell. This item has a different font than the other items, making for a more pirate theme.
The pendant is attached to a chain that is tucked underneath the foam layer, forming a necklace.
When I wear the necklace, the bottom of the pendant falls to about four inches below my collar bone. The length of the chain from the hook to the pendant (like in the photo on the left) is about 9.25 inches. The hook is a typical clasp and seems very sturdy. The pendant is thick like a quarter and looks like a pirate sundial. The backside has the Summer Concert logo and font.

ID Card Case
This ID card case is different in layout and design than the one from One Great Step.
 But like the OGS one, this one also includes a case and a rope to attach to the case.
The case is about 2.75 inches by just under 4.25 inches. This case is very simple, as it is very 2D and only has one pocket on each side. One side has a beautiful photo of Infinite behind a plastic window, and it was nice that there is a plastic film to protect it. The other side is a collage of those random summer icons; I wish the design were more plain because I don't know if I can go around wearing this. The top part has the Summer Concert logo and font engraved into the corner and the hole to attach the rope.
This rope is the same as the OGS one, except there are white, pale blue and navy colors braided together. The ends are already knotted together to create a necklace, and the other end has the hook.
Here is the final product. To tie the colors together, the case has contrast navy stitching that blends in with the rope. Wearing this around my neck, it's the length of my entire upper body; it's very long! The rope is about 20.75 inches from the knot to the end of the hook. Of course I could redo the knot, but it came like that...I don't want to tamper with it!

The strap itself is about 5.5 inches long and .4375 of an inch wide and feels like it is made of textured vinyl.
At the end is the Infinite Summer Concert logo. It is attached to a metal D-ring, along with a cell phone chain and two summery pendants. The pendants are thick like coins! And all the rings are clamped together well, so I don't think the charms will fall off any time soon.
Here is how the strap looks attached to my phone. The strap is a bit stiff in shape for now, but eventually I think it would be more natural and less stiff-straight.

The sticker set includes three sheets of stickers and one strip of phone button stickers (three for iPhones and two for Samsung phones). The sheets are roughly 5 inches by 8 inches.
The first sheet is so pretty and uses the two main concepts for this concert. The second sheet uses the Colors of Infinite colors. The last sheet has Infinite's autographs, and some are so adorable! Sungjong's says something like "Every summer, we're together" and Myungsoo has these cute doodles with his.

Big Fan
This fan is so pretty. The front has a photo that evoke "road trip with Infinite." The bottom of the handle, front and back, has the Summer Concert font and logo. The backside is also a cute design of a cartoon sea.
It is heavy duty and very big, creating nice wind. It has a large plastic exterior ring with lines going from the handle to the perimeter, which creates its sturdiness. From the top to the beginning of the handle, the fan is 11.5 inches tall. It looks a little oblong, but I measured the width and it's also about 11.5 inches. You can compare the size of this fan to the one I got from L'aile; it's huge!

Clear File Set
This set of seven A4 sized clear files comes in a clear plastic. The backside of all files have the same design and color.
All the files are so pretty! Everyone looks so happy, fresh and fun. I love the collage effect.
Each file also has the member's printed autograph and a cute message, some with doodles! Here are Dongwoo's and Myungsoo's.

I'll be reviewing the rest of the concert merchandise soon~


  1. Hi Macey! I've been following your blog for a while now and it's been so informative and interesting reading about your Infinite purchases and fangirling (yes I first stumbled upon this when looking up something Infinite ^^)

    I've been meaning to comment and say hi and well, here I am. Hiiiii!! Love your SC2 merch haul and I was wondering how you managed to secure all 13 merch and got them so quickly as well (since I know from your previous post that you're living in the States). Then I saw your Seoul Adventures post and it all made sense. Off to read about your Infinitized adventures (I'm sure it's a whole lot of fun!)

    1. Hi Myra, thank you so much for following my blog and for your sweet comment! This really means a lot to me, to know that I'm not just ranting to myself, but that someone actually does take the time to read my stuff hehe. I hope you'll enjoy my other blog^^

    2. Hi Macey! Haha yeah I completely understand what you mean. Sometimes you do wonder if people are actually reading what you write or are you just talking to yourself :p So I figured I'd let you know that at least someone here reads your blog :D I'm up to Day 16 and it's been an amazing adventure for you so far! How long will you be studying in Korea? Btw, are you on Twitter? You can add me @myravong if you'd like to chat :)

    3. I actually only studied in Korea for the summer, and I'm already back home :( It was way too short of a trip! I'm still working on my last blog post but I just don't want to because it'll be my lost one about Seoul! I only use Twitter to keep up with Infinite (lol) but do you have google+? Because I use it a lot more! Here's mine~ (if not, I can use Twitter too^^)

    4. Aww so you were there for about two months then? Well, I'm sure it was still a great experience actually living in the country and living the life there. It's vastly different from being there for a short holiday. What did you study there? Well, it'd be your last Seoul post for this time at least. You can always go back! Oh I'm actually mostly on Twitter (for the Infinite updates and to fangirl). I have a work google+ but I don't use it at all for obvious reasons :p

    5. Yup, just two months! I studied Korean language and a history of Seoul class. I really want to go back; though I was only there for the summer, it's somehow already felt like a second home! No worries, I'll find you on twitter! I'm not sure what my username is, but it was before I learned about Infinite so it has something to do with ANJell I that's me! I'll find you now~

    6. Ooh that's a perfect class to take actually :) Was it part of your studies requirement or you took it as a one-off in a Seoul university since it's summer break in US? On Twitter, there are quite a number of girls who were in Seoul for a few months for Infinite's comeback and Summer Concert and I can't help but be a little envious and wish I could do the same :p Ooh that must be you then! ANjell lover I think? Wokays I'll go add you back ^^

    7. The classes I took weren't mandatory; I was just required to take 2 classes, so I could have taken calculus, economics, physics, etc, but I just wanted to take classes to immerse myself into the culture (and I wanted an easy quarter hehe). Haha yup, that's me! As you can tell, I never tweet lol. Yah, I feel like this summer was the best time to see Infinite, since they had a comeback, concerts and other promotions! I hope you can see them in Seoul sometime!

    8. Oh but you were required to take two classes in Seoul? Haha I'd do the same if I were you too. Korean language anytime over calculus for sure! Yesh you don't tweet :p Do you want to chat on LINE instead? My username is the same - myravong. Agreed! May to August were fabulous months to be in Seoul for Infinite especially if you were in the official fancafe and on the list for all their music shows. Like the recent +19 event for Myungsoo & Hoya's drama filming? It looks like it was a ton of fun from the fanaccounts :D Oh, I wanted so badly to see them in Seoul for Summer Concert 2 but I couldn't buy tickets :( Even with the whole pre-sale for 4th gen, I still couldn't get tixs and I was really upset over it at that time. It was quite an eye opener to see how nearly impossible it was to buy any tixs at all so you're really lucky you managed to get yours :D

    9. Yup, I had to take 2 classes. Yah, I'll look you up on Line! I regret not registering for 4th gen, I missed out on all the music shows and whatnot. That drama filming event looked soooo amazing, I'm so jealous of those who went!! I'm really surprised I was able to buy tickets for the Summer Concert 2! Now I'm kinda wishing I bought it second hand for the other dates, but it would have been so expensive. Wow, even with pre-sale you couldn't get any? Ticketing is soooo impossible :( Have you seen Infinite live before? I'll search you on Line now~