Friday, August 22, 2014

Infinite That Summer Concert 2 Merchandise Review (Part 2)

I'll continue to review the merchandise I got from Infinite's Summer Concert 2. Here is my post about some of the other Summer Concert 2 merchandise I reviewed.

Ice Tumbler

This tumbler comes in a sturdy cardboard box.
Inside, the tumbler is assembled inside an open plastic bag, with a reusable straw in another open plastic bag tucked in the corner. The diameter of the lid is about 4 inches while the height is about 6.5 inches, and it can store up to 530 milliliters, or just under 18 ounces.
The tumbler itself is comprised of three parts: the screw-on lid, the exterior cup and the interior cup. You unscrew the lid to remove the exterior cup. A thin layer between the two cups is for cold water (ice won't fit in between) to keep your beverage cool. Then unscrew the lid from the interior cup, and you can pour your beverage inside. The center of the lid has a rubber ring for the straw.
Included in the interior cup is information in Korean. Good thing there are also English warnings printed on the bottom of the exterior cup. It says not to microwave this cup and to only hand wash it.
This tumbler is so much prettier than I expected! The interior cup is clear while the inside of the exterior cup has the image of Infinite. This image is the same as the one posted on the merchandise tent at the concert. Infinite is opaque while the sky background is ombre blue, making for an intricate design.

Beach Towel
The beach towel comes folded in a plastic bag inside a thin cloth drawstring bag.
There is a cute shell shaped tag attached to the bag as well.
The towel is terry cloth and is white with a radial design of conch shells in the center and stripes on the sides. It's as big as any beach towel and smooth on one side, rough like terry cloth on the backside. It's so beautiful and precious, I don't know if I'm willing to use it!

Paper Frame
This is a set of paper frames and photos meant to display somewhere.
The contents of this set is contained inside a clear slip.
Here are the contents. Included are seven small photos of Infinite in their Colors of Infinite colors. Next are two large photos, one group and one concert advertisement one. And then there are seven 3x5 frames, meant for the individual photos, two 4x6 frames which are for you to put your own photos, and lastly two 5x7 frames for the large photos. The photos are made of thin card stock while the frames are made of a slightly thicker card stock.
The backsides of the frames are white while the backsides of the photos include the Summer Concert font and logo.
The contents, demonstration of how to display the photos on a wall, and instructions on how to put photos into frames are also included.
At one end of each frame there is a slip to slide the photo in, then at the other end, you should use your fingernails to open up a gap to slide the photo all the way.
Here is the final result! I wish two more photos were provided for the middle sized frames. Also I wish the backs of these frames could include a stand so I can put them on my desk, instead of taping them onto a wall.

Beach Hood
This hoodie comes in an identical drawstring bag, like the beach towel. It's nice to bring along when I wear the sweater while going out, but take off my sweater while I eat and store it in this bag (and then in my backpack) so it won't get dirty.
Attached is also a shell shaped tag, but the backside is white.
Here is the sweater folded up in a clear plastic bag.
As the tag indicates, this sweater is only one size. I'm about 5'4" and the sleeves hit about the tips of my thumbs and the waistband hits my wrist when my arms are by my sides. It's reasonably a little loose, but comfy for the summer. The inside tag even includes the logo! And it's made of 65% polyester and 35% rayon. The fabric is also very smooth and nice to the touch.
This sweater is translucent, as you can see the back design through the front. It's really lightweight, which is perfect for slightly chilly summer nights. While it's thin, it doesn't seem delicate.
The front has a plastic zipper different than usual; it has a triangle design. Also there is a thick, white shoelace string running through the hood.
The front left has the Summer Concert logo in blue printed on the fabric, and a larger version is on the back. I'm really scared to wash this sweater for fear of the lettering to flake off; at first I thought the bottom of the "2" was flaking off, but now I know that's just the design of it, as seen on the poster.

I will finish reviewing the remaining three concert items soon!

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